Makarov 12 shot , 2020 model arrives

Saw this 2020 model Makarov, 12 shot pistol, by Baikal, MP442 (Russian). It is 9 x 18 Makarov, with two 12 round magazines. The 20 preceding its serial number denotes the year of manufacture. It is a decent pistol, reliable , accurate and small size, minus the slightly thick grip. It has a special magazine that has two springs, a smaller upper magazine for the single rounds and it gets wider after that (towards the base)  so has another spring for the double stack rounds. Also has a safety/decocker and firing pin block etc. I have used this particular brand for 5 years without a hiccup. Presently selling for Rs 110 to 130k. It is a good concealed carry choice, plus the ammo is very cheap. A very good choice for SD/CC.


Lebedev SP1 lands in Pakistan

Lebedev SP1 is the sports version of the original Lebedev (Russian) 9×19 mm, pistol. The Lebedev was originally called the PL14, later names PL15 and the compact version is called as PL15K. It is a full frame pistol, with ambidextrous safety, slide stop and mag release. The grips are checkered for better grip. The pistol has picatinny rails for attaching flashlight. The front and rear sights are similar to Glock sights and are replaceable with Glock sights. It comes with two 16 round mags with indicator windows. The slide has a red dot mount plate. The grip has cutouts for easier magazine removal. The looks are impressive, it is a sturdy weapon and if one goes by the track record of Russian weapons, I believe this is another winner in the making. Few pieces have landed here in Pakistan and more are still to arrive. Enjoy the photos.

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A “Dungar” Rifle – Made in Pakistan

When it comes to rifles, there’s quite a serious dearth of them here in Pakistan. I am talking about quality weapons, meant for hunting, or for competition shooting. If you are able to find a fine rifle you will run in to difficulties finding its ammo. The one time popular 7 mm (7 x 57) ammo isn’t available and even if you find some it will be exorbitantly priced, so finding an (inexpensive) rifle in that caliber is easy. But then there’s ample ammo available in 308 Winchester but buying a rifle is not easy. Firstly no one wants to let go of it, and even if you are able to find one, it will be very expensive. So to solve this problem the local gunsmiths have come up with good solutions for the local market. In that 308 Winchester and 7.62x54R (called as “Dungar”, because of Dragunov) have been favorite choices all along. The rifle being reviewed is a local rifle using a Russian Goryunov MG barrel and a P14 or P17 Enfield action with a local stock. Its a well made rifle, as you shall see.

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