HK 270, .22 LR rfile

Hi! I came across this beautiful HK 270 rifle chambered in .22 LR. It is  a semi-auto rifle with wooden furniture, a 20 round magazine, manual safety near the trigger guard. The rifle has been kept in good condition and I have been told it shoots tight groups. Here’s some information about it…

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Short Review Brno (Mod 2), .22 LR Rifle

The Brno (Mod 2) .22 LR is an excellent rifle for plinking or hunting. It can also be used for pest control. I came across this used piece and bought it on impulse, in fact I had been on the look out for one for a long time. Brno is known for making quality weapons. The rifle pictured above was made in 1973. In case you don’t know Brno is Czechoslovakian brand. Brno has now been renamed as CZ and CZ makes quality handguns as well as rifles.

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Toz Model 8, .22 LR, Short Review


The Toz Model 8, is a Russian .22 LR Bolt action Rifle. Toz 8 was in initially conceived in 1932 for small game hunting, practice and teaching purposes. The rifle being reviewed is 1957 model. It is a single shot model, meaning the rifle lacks any magazine or clip. You load in a round, fire it and after ejecting it load another one. The rifle is really simple to disassemble. Just remove two screws and the whole thing comes apart in seconds.

Tula Toz .22 LR, hunting rifle review


Tula Toz 78-01 is a .22 LR bolt action rifle manufactured by the Tula Arms, Russia. It is a small, light weight weapon that is quite accurate. I had been on the look out for an inexpensive rifle for plinking and for small game hunting. This weapon, serves both the purposes. And with a scope it is deadly accurate. Tula Arms is an old company that dates back to 1712, this means they have considerable experience in designing and making weapons. Here is a short review of this rifle.

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