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“Gogi bhai ap? Gogi, maut aut tatti kisi bhi waqt asakte hain”

If you want to get belly aching laughs for at least more than an hour, or if you haven’t laughed as much as to cause your eyes to water, or if you haven’t had fun recently, haven’t enjoyed, are feeling down, some whacky syndrome hitting you? you gf/bf walked out on you, the wifey is narraz or the man is ghussa, bored in life, want to see the lighter side of life? Go watch this movie. Take my word for it, you will come back much entertained and happy. Ok , now I can write the review Smile


The Cast. Javed Sheikh, Fahad Mustafa, Urwa Tul Wusqa, Kubra Khan, Salmam Shahid, Nayyar Ijaz, Amber Wajid, Salim Mariaj, Mohsin Abbas (Moon) and the uber-sexy (siren) Mehwish Hayat.

The Plot. Three men; Javed Sheikh, Fahad Mustafa and Mohsin Abbas are real losers in life, or so they think. Fahad is a most unsuccessful insurance policy seller who hasn’t sold a policy in his career, Javed Sheikh is a clerk in a Govt depratment who is finding it difficult making ends meet, yet has to marry his sister, who happens to be in love with Fahad, since Fahad is his tenant. Moshin (Moon) is the man on electricity helpline whose family thinks he is in UAE making big money. Fate brings the three together where they lament their life’s troubles to each other. One thing leads to another and they hatch a plan to open bank accounts in a bank and then set it to fire thus claiming huge sums of money in return from the bank as well as insurance company. Gogi bhai is the local thug-mafia boss who lends money to destitute like these three in return for huge markups. He is also a local drug dealer. Worst of all, Javed Sheikh’s house is about to be demolished as the Govt is making an overpass in the area. The three end up borrowing money from him, and loosing it in a bank robbery. Finally to make their plan a reality Javed Sheikh mortgages his house with Gogi bhai for a fat sum of money. And I won’t tell you more than this, cause you have to see it for yourself what happens next Smile

The Review. All the characters have played excellent parts in the movie and I haven’t seen a dull moment in this flick. It had me and the rest of movie hall laughing in fits, thanks to the super-funny dialogues. Although I must warn you, this movie is not for kids, the dialogues are rated. Caution: Adults Only stuff. But off course the street language of Karachi has been used to full advantage in creating the fun there is in this movie.

The soundtrack is simply awesome and when played on 3D surround sound makes you writhe in your seat at least. Though I must confess I wanted to dance on the item song “Billi” perfomed by Mehwish Hayat in a skimpy dress which showed most if not all contours of her figure, including the derriere. It is a fast paced movie, indeed. The storyline is really interesting.

Javed Sheikh stammers and has done full justice to the role assigned to him. New entrant Moon is a marasi  who runs away from home to make it big, but ends up in Karachi; his acting is really commendable. Gogi bhai played by Salman Shahid is a entertaining and his band of thugs put up a good show with catchy dialogues. The part played by Salim Mairaj of a drunk man topped it all, you have to see it to believe it.

Man, if they go on making such movies I don’t have an iota of doubt the Film Industry is going to get back on its feet very soon. The movie has enough masala to make you feel good for days to come. It is onr entertainment filled movie which is sure to give you more entertainment than your money’s worth. It will make you laugh, laugh and laugh. I still laugh out loud thinking about it. Kudos to Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza for making such a great flick.

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