Motorcycle Girl! Inspirational stuff!

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“Motorcycle Girl” is a new Pakistan film based on Zenith Irfan’s solo journey from Lahore to Khunjerab on a motorbike. It was her father’s dream to travel the world on a motorbike that could not be realized due to his death. Zenith then took it upon herself to travel the journey in memory of her father. She is in fact the first Pakistani “brave” girl to travel this long and arduous journey on a motorbike, solo, that is. To me this is more than a movie. It is inspirational stuff delivered in a most witty way. I will not discuss the caste or story-line etc. This ramble is about the message that the movie aims to deliver.

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Movie Review: Namaloom Afraad


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“Gogi bhai ap? Gogi, maut aut tatti kisi bhi waqt asakte hain”

If you want to get belly aching laughs for at least more than an hour, or if you haven’t laughed as much as to cause your eyes to water, or if you haven’t had fun recently, haven’t enjoyed, are feeling down, some whacky syndrome hitting you? you gf/bf walked out on you, the wifey is narraz or the man is ghussa, bored in life, want to see the lighter side of life? Go watch this movie. Take my word for it, you will come back much entertained and happy. Ok , now I can write the review Smile

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Movie Review: Operation 021


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Me called Atrium Cinema booking. Me wanted two tickets for Operation 021, for me and her. Me was told only tickets available were on Saturday at 10 am! Because they city sleeps at that hour, mostly. Me got the booking. Me overslept like the rest of city, me and her missed the flick by two hours. Me went to the cinema last night and bought tickets from the counter and hence the review.

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WAAR 2013, Movie Review


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I saw its trailer about a year back and instantly liked it. There was lots of action, firing and Shan stuff on it. They said they were spending truckloads of money on its making, and that it would be a sure hit at the box office. Ostensibly, this was one movie I wanted to see. But my personal commitments did not allow me to see this flick on its very release date. Anyways, with Atrium Cinema located a mere spit distance from my abode I decided to take my snuggler along for the 8.50 pm show. With kids deftly tucked in a put to sleep with dire threats, kisses, hugs and promises of goodies we went for the show Smile

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