Indulge yourself in Ice Cream with Magnum Pakistan



There existed certain consternation in my son’s mind as we drove towards his school for a parent-teacher meeting. He was expecting not a very good result in the monthly assessments, but on the contrary he got above 90%. How was a father to reward him for a performance that far exceeded our expectations? I had this surprise visit planned for my family but just could not spare the time for it. So I drove them straight to the recently opened Magnum Pakistan (Karachi) in Clifton, near Boat Basin to be exact! The drool on my younger son’s face was obvious and the family was more than happy!


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Lal Qila Karachi, a “must visit” place for all foodies


Located on Shahrah e Faisal Karachi, opposite the PAF Base, is this eatery, that is majestic in appearance from the outside just as much as it is from the inside, called as the “Lal Qila”. I went there once a couple of years back and loved the food, just as much as I did yesterday. It is a “must visit” place for foodies, and dare I say if you are not a foodie it will turn you in to one, but for an hour or so, considering the profuseness of dishes not to mention their taste which by all standards are unique and exquisite.

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Tehzeeb (Rahat Bakers) Cheeko Shake, undoubtely the best


Tehzeeb (previously Rahat Bakers) in Rawalpindi has a reputation for selling the best ice cream in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. Besides this it also has an assortment of shakes on the menu. The best out of them is Cheeko shake. A glass of chilled Cheeko shake is as good as a meal. Whenever, I go to Pindi I make it a point to visit Tehzeeb Bakers for some ice cream and shake. Its always hard to decide what to order, the shake or the ice cream. A number of times I have ordered both. This time, I ordered a large scoop of Tutti Frutti ice cream for my wife and a Cheeko shake for myself. The agreement being that we would share. So after emptying my glass half I traded it with my wife for a half cup of ice cream! It was awesome, as always. Smile

Habibi Restaurant (Ring Road) – A fishy experience


I did a post on Habibi Restaurant sometime back, but that was about their outlet on University Road and its take home service. They do have a Habibi Village on Ring Road as well. I decided to try it out just yesterday as I heard from a cousin their Bar BQ fish is superb. And superb it was indeed. The outlet is located about 3 kms from the Hayatabad-Ring Road entrance. There is a separate hall for gents and families, but we preferred to sit in the family lawns as the weather was really good.

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Habibi Restaurant Peshawar has the fastest take home service


Habibi is a small restaurant on the main University Road, just adjacent to the Hayatabad main entrance. I haven’t dined at Habibi but I can vouch for its take home service and quality of food. You phone them and within 20 minutes the order is packed to be taken home. The staff I have found to be very courteous and polite, always. There Chicken piece, Mutton Tikka and Karahi are worth ordering, again and again. Do not forget the Naans! And if all else fails try their Habibi platter. Amazing stuff and speedy service, the prices are a little steep though.

Balahisar Namakmandi Food Forte new Restaurant in Peshawar


This place, Balahisar Namakmandi Food Forte started its services in Peshawar about two weeks back. I saw its ad on a billboard and a visit was deftly planned on a quiet and hot summer weekend. The place is located on Abdara road in front of Dar-e-Arqam School. It is in an old house that has been renovated, and decorated very tastefully.

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