Indulge yourself in Ice Cream with Magnum Pakistan



There existed certain consternation in my son’s mind as we drove towards his school for a parent-teacher meeting. He was expecting not a very good result in the monthly assessments, but on the contrary he got above 90%. How was a father to reward him for a performance that far exceeded our expectations? I had this surprise visit planned for my family but just could not spare the time for it. So I drove them straight to the recently opened Magnum Pakistan (Karachi) in Clifton, near Boat Basin to be exact! The drool on my younger son’s face was obvious and the family was more than happy!


At sharp 12 pm five of us walked in to the tastefully decorated parlor that lets you make you own Magnum. A rich chocolate experience! As expected the décor impressed me and snuggler. Chocolate was in the air. I mean, love was in the air Winking smile


A very cheerful and aplomb staff greeted us and explained in some detail the mechanics of making your very own Magnum. Make the payment, select the ice cream (chocolate or vanilla), select the chocolate syrup, select the toppings and you are good to go.





The six steps to making your very own Magnum.


The toppings were more than one could count in one go. Rock sea salt, Blue poppy seeds, dried pomegranate, crumbled cornflakes, fruity pebbles and even Chilli Flakes!!!




I chose Dried pomegranate, crumbled biscuits and a tinge of powdered coconut, with chocolate ice cream bar and a thick coat of dark chocolate. The whole shebang was topped up with some nicely fine chocolate syrup layered on top of it. The little lady made it with the expertise of a connoisseur.


Doing the magic! This how they mix all the goodies for layering them on top of thick chocolate.



The thingy ready, I settled on a nearby sofa to enjoy its taste and richness. Soon enough the place was filled with people of all ages. The dried pomegranate added a great after taste little, tangy. But over all the experience was simply great except that they accept cash only Sad smile Now who would carry cash nowadays when you’re not sure if you will even get to use it before being mugged. So I suggest guys carry some cash till they start believing in plastic.

It was a lovely expeience for me and family. But off course I had to do some extra time in the gym to compensate for the extra calorioes that I had devoured. Smile Make the pilgrimage! You will love it.

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