Llama .32 ACP, short review

Hi, I was on the lookout for a Llama chambered in .32 ACP for a long long time. One of cousins had one of these which he gifted! yes you read it right gifted to his friend. In late 70’s Spanish Llama pistols chambered in .32 ACP came to Pakistan in huge numbers. In those days .32 was the ammo of choice here in Pakistan. These semi-auto pistols were available for Rs 300 to 500 then, NIB 🙂 Oh, the good old days! So when a friend called to tell he had found one for me, I told him to get it right away. Here’s a short review of the Llama…

It is a small handgun indeed. Can be a good choice for concealed carry.


Here are the specs:

  • Caliber: .32 ACP
  • Length:  6.3″
  • Height:  4.5″
  • Width: 1″
  • Barrel length:  3.6″
  • Action: Blow back semi-auto
  • Safety:  Grip safety and thumb safety
  • Weight:  23 Oz, 650  grams
  • Sights:  Fixed (Notch and blade)
  • Magazine capacity: 8 rounds
  • Trigger: SA


The Lama is a nice small handgun that is known to be reliable. Chambered in .32 ACP it is not as potent as a 9 mm but still has enough stopping power to take down a subject. It is very easy to conceal, because of its small size. The pistol employs grip safety which reduces chances of accidental discharge. Other than this it also has a thumb safety. The pistol is single action only. It has less recoil and hence quite accurate till 15 M. The magazine capacity is just fine, with two mags you get 16 rounds which is quite decent. And the magazine is single stack, the gun therefore has a very slim profile and can be used to tuck in trousers, ideally with IWB. Taking it apart is easy. It is available in Pakistan for around Rs 20 to 25 thousand depending on its condition. It is a good handgun for SD specially CCW.

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15 thoughts on “Llama .32 ACP, short review”

  1. Hi,
    My father wants to sell two firearms: a 0.22 rifle and a 12 gauge shotgun (double barrel)….it has hardly been used and are both old from my father’s Shikaar days….what is the best place to sell them at an appropriate price? Thanks

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    1. Price will depend on the weapon, make and condition. Depending on where you are located prices may vary.
      I don’t know of any website where you can place an ad. Do try the newspaper ads. Or ask in your social circle using social media platforms


  2. Hello, I too have just been gifted a llama .32 acp model Vitoria made by Gabilondoy cia. I need a few parts to get it functional. A main recoil spring and a recoil spring plug.any suggestions on where I can find these parts? Thanks


  3. does this model has last round bolt open option ? i checked one in local market and it was not locking back on empty mag .


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