SKS Siminov, short review

SKS Siminov is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.62 x 39. It is basically Russian origin weapon which was produced in huge numbers in mid 1940’s till 1950’s. It was replaced by the famous AK47 somewhere in 1950’s. Later Chinese, East German, Romanian, Yugoslavian, North Korean and Vietnamese versions were produced. These rifles came to Pakistan during the Afghan War in the later 1970’s. Due to their reliability , accuracy and low cost they were a preferred weapon for many gun enthusiasts. Later these were also procured for paramilitary forces in Pakistan. You can still see a few policemen carrying them in Punjab, specially. The SKS is predecessor of the AK47. If you disassenble one, you will notice many similarities between the two of them, except off course that the AK is select fire weapon, whereas the SKS is semi-auto only.

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