Pakistan Citizens Portal – A Godsend App

There has been a lot of talk about the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal in the media. They say it is efficient and citizen’s problems are addressed swiftly. Since I work in a public office so I can vouch for it. That is because every week I have to give update to my superior office regarding public complaints if any. Luckily I work in a department where there isn’t much public dealing, but I have seen in various meetings at GoP how public departments are being asked about the complaints if any and there progress on weekly basis.

Apart from being Government servant I also am a citizen of Pakistan. And so have used this app twice, both times for traffic and road related problems. First of all it is user friendly, thanks to the design. It works both in Urdu and English, and is available for iPhone as well as Android. You have to install and register with your name, cell number and some minor details. After that it takes no more than five minutes to lodge a complaint. There are a host of drop down menus to choose from depending on the kind of complaint, eg traffic issues, health, education, land and revenue, municipal services, law and order, transport, communications, energy and power, citizens rights, youth affairs, license, registrations, tax and money, media, cyber crimes, immigration and passport, NADRA, disaster, overseas Pakistanis, Development projects, environment and forest, agriculture, and suggestions. Users can also attach photos. That’s a lot to talk about and really Khan Sahib has got the Government departments working real fast. That’s because the complaints are initially marked to the respective Secretary of a department and then it flows to respective department and down to the last man. It also shows tracking and progress with time. In case a complaint gets stuck, the superior officer can track where it is held. Along with this the office responsible for the complaint has to show the measures taken by it in another portal that is only available on PCs, and is synchronized with the app. In both the cases, my problems were solved in 7 days time. This is indeed very impressive and hats off to the people who conceived, designed and implemented this idea.

Citizens can also give feedback on the solved complaints. This thing is really useful and as more and more people are coming to know about it, more problems are being solved. Well done, GoP, I am impressed. Cheers

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