Royal Arms Volcanic 12 GA Short Review

Royal Arms is a gun manufacturer situated in Industrial Area of Peshawar. They have been making better quality shotguns and pistols for sometime. I visited the factory a few days back and bought this 12 GA repeater, on impulse 🙂 It is a copy of the Hatsan Aimguard 12GA which is a Turkish shotgun. The shotgun itself is ok, not very impressive or very bad. I have mixed feelings about it. Here is a short review of this beast. It is called the Volcanic.

The gun comes packed in a cardboard box. A small box contains the pistol grip.

Here is another view of the Volcanic.

The box contains pistol grip, Allen key, screw and a spacer.

Volcanic it is.

The gun has synthetic stock and fore end guard. The quality is just ok, but the manufacturer says it is a robust weapon. They have produced it with injection mould technology.

The quality is not so good, but looks tough.

10 Observe the checkering. The point where the stock meets the receiver is not aligned.

12 The recoil pad is some sort of hard rubber.

13 The trigger guard is also made of plastic.


15 Observe the words Volcanic and Pak Mad (sic).

16 Outer view of the recoil pad.

17 Inside view of the recoil pad.

18 A view of the barrel.

19 The quality of workmanship is very good. No tooling or machining marks.

20 An inside view of the barrel.


22 The tube spring and cap.

23 The bolt assembly.

24 The bolt.

25 The receiver assembly.


IMG_20130415_100728 The Volcanic with the pistol grip installed. Ideal for home defence.



I got this gun for Rs 12,000. So far I have fired all types of ammo through it, this includes No 4 Shaheen, LG/SG and Slugs. About 100 carts in all. You have to rack it real hard or it doesn’t cycle and the cart gets stuck. I believe this is because it is a new gun. The gun is 5 + 1. I think if they have good quality control they can make very good weapons. This I am forced to conclude this because the quality is not consistent. One piece may be very good and another not so. But considering its price, this is not a bad weapon to have as it offers good value for money.

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