Gun Safety Rules – Follow them to death

Hello there. I was at a friend’s place few days ago and saw that his drawing room sofa had a deep gash. On asking he told me that he had gone hunting and on the way back forgot to empty his gun. One of his friends tinkered with the trigger and the gun went off in to the sofa arm. Thank God no one got hurt. The wood, cloth and foam padding prevented the bullet from being reflected and was absorbed. Now this man happens to be an old hunter and has a good collection of guns. The point I am trying to make is that he isn’t a novice. He would be the last person I would expect to make such a silly mistake. So without much ado I decided to make this post about gun safety rules.

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Forum Review: The Gun Forum

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I am a self professed gun freak, but not the bad one, I am from the category who believe in keeping guns for self defense only. There are gun aficionados who know nothing about guns, gun safety or their operation except that a gun can shoot or even kill. They have oodles of money which they blow away buying new guns and rifles every now and then, but that does not make them very informed about guns except about the price factor and the market situation. I have been a member of The Gun Forum for the last three years and I can say with absolute confidence that it is one of the best forums out there, if you want to learn a thing or two about guns. So I decided to review it, albeit, briefly.

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More reasons to carry a handgun


Some of my friends may not agree with this but I have strong reasons to say this, one must carry a handgun with him/her, at least in Pakistan. The ever deteriorating law and order situation, the inability of the LEAs to control incidents from terrorism to bank robberies to muggings, and apathy of public and a general sense of lawlessness forces me to say this.

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Boresnake – The best way to clean your weapon


A boresnake is the easiest and fastest way to clean your weapon, whether it is a pistol, revolver, rifle or a shotgun. In its simplest form a boresnake is a long string like a shoe lace with a metal weight at one end. The string is sewn in to a cleaning cloth of diameter commensurate to the bore of the weapon. It also has brass wire attached to the middle to remove gunpowder or solvents form the bore. And finally one can also attach cleaning cloth to the other end of the boresnake to make it a pull through. I always carry a boresnake and WD-40 in my bag when going to the range. So after a range session I simply spray WD-40 in to the barrel and run the boresnake from chamber end to the muzzle end two to three times. Later one can disassemble his weapon at home for a thorough cleaning session. Bore snakes are available for all calibers from .22 to 12 GA.

Modifying my Lee Enfield No4 Mk1


Sometime back I bought a Lee Enfield No4 Mk1 rifle commonly called as the, three knot three (.303) rifle here in Pakistan. It is a good weapon of its times, very robust and sturdy. But as far as looks are concerned, its a total looser. I badly wanted to sporterize it, to improve its looks, make it lighter and put a scope on it. So I started work on it, as a project. After some efforts I was able to reduce its weight and spruce up its looks by removing the top portion of front end guard. I also sanded the stock and gave it a coating of linseed oil. The rifle was better looking but not very impressive.

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Royal Arms Volcanic 12 GA Short Review

Royal Arms is a gun manufacturer situated in Industrial Area of Peshawar. They have been making better quality shotguns and pistols for sometime. I visited the factory a few days back and bought this 12 GA repeater, on impulse 🙂 It is a copy of the Hatsan Aimguard 12GA which is a Turkish shotgun. The shotgun itself is ok, not very impressive or very bad. I have mixed feelings about it. Here is a short review of this beast. It is called the Volcanic.

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Gamo Whisper X – Air Gun Review


Gamo Whisper X is a mid-range classy air-gun which has hit our markets, big time. Before Gamo, there was only Diana air guns in Pakistan. While there is no doubt about the quality of Diana air guns Gamo is an inexpensive alternative for gun enthusiasts, specially in Pakistan. I have seen a number of Gamo guns, all with synthetic stocks. So its a change from the traditional Diana with wooden stocks, besides giving an impressive look.

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Baikal MP-442 (Makarov) a very good concealed carry weapon

Baikal MP442

Baikal MP-442 is a small pistol manufactured by Baikal which is a successor of the legendary Makarov PM pistol which has remained the official side arm of Russian and Warsaw Pact countries. The Baikal MP-442 is small in size, light weight, accurate and reliable handgun. It is my preferred choice for concealed carry, because of a number of advantages over other weapons.

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