CZ75 B- Short Review


CZ 75 B is a steel frame pistol. It has a comfortable grip, three-dot illuminating sight system, SA/DA trigger and manual safety. The “B” in the CZ75 B stands for firing pin block safety. The CZ75 B is a full frame pistol available in 9 mm, 9 x 21 and .40 S&W. It is semi-auto pistol based on the locked breech principle. The pistol being reviewed is 9 x 19 mm.


Caliber: 9 x 19  mm

Height: 5.4 in

Width: 1.38 in

Length: 8.1 in

Weight: 1 kg

Barrel  length: 4.6 in

Mag capacity: 16 + 1

Action: Single Action/Double Action

Safety: Manual Safety, Safety stop on hammer and firing pin safety


The box contains pistol, a spare mag, cleaning brush, rod, instruction manual and a CD


The three dot sight provides good aiming. The sights are fixed.


The manual safety, slide stop and mag release are conveniently located. Note the beavertail.


The slide stop engaged. It engages automatically after last round fired.


The gun dis-assembled.


This is a shot of the frame.


   The slide from inside. The machining is of top quality.


The top view of the slide.


A 4.6 inches barrel provides good accuracy.


Notice the bullet feed ramp. This is a hammer forged barrel.



The CZ75 B has a double stack 16 round mag, that is marked for round count.

I think it is a very good weapon. The slide frame fit is really good. It is an all steel weapon so felt recoil is less. I fired this beast out of the box and it was sheer pleasure shooting with it. The three dot sights are really good. It is ideal for range use, self defense and training. In Pakistan it is selling for Rs 85K which in simple terms means very good value for money.  A target shot from 15 M by a novice like me looks like this;



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