Royal Arms Glock 19 copy


Royal Arms have been making copies upon copies of famous brands. I got a chance to try their Glock 19 knock off. The pistol comes in a plastic box padded with foam. A spare mag is also included. So just see the pics and decide for yourself, if its any good.


Good quality finish. They claim to have used the same material as used in the original Glock, but I have my doubts.


The slide engaged.


Without a doubt the quality of workmanship is really good.


The slide removed.


That’s the barrel.





The main spring.03-DSCN0232


Barrel inside view.



See the quality of finish. Very good, indeed.


Inside view of the slide.


The frame is also very impressive.



19-IMG_20130330_182447 See the Glock Logo.

20-IMG_20130330_182504 Glock 19!


Sights, just like the original Glock.



The mags aren’t very neatly made.


26-IMG_20130330_182901    See the safe action trigger.


Royal Arms Peshawar, Glock 19 copy and CZ 75 P07 Duty.


Target shot at 15 M with 9 mm Chinese 311 FMJ. Standing, both hands, deliberate fire. Recoil was manageable but trigger was hard with creep. With use may become more soft.

The Verdict. Well in handguns I always rate reliability as the number one factor. No use putting your life in danger with a cheapo. But nothing can be said about its reliability for sure. The Glock 19 copy is being sold here for Rs 35 K, plus or minus a few thousand rupees. It is an impressive handgun as far as looks are concerned. I believe considerable effort and investment has gone in its production. The gun is selling like hotcakes, and according to the owner most of the buyers are from Punjab or Sindh. The sad part is that these gun makers lack proper quality control, so consistency is not assured. Also making illegal copies of the famous brands is another issue. Absence of Research and Development also means they will go on making copies. So locally they might be a hit, but internationally they would stand nowhere. But that’s the way these industries have been surviving for decades.

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27 thoughts on “Royal Arms Glock 19 copy”

    1. Dear Shah, I do not have a Company as of now, the only company I have is of a handful of friends 🙂 Depending on where you are located this gun sells for around Rs 35 to 50 K.


  1. I could care less if it’s a fake. If it cost less I am completely interested. Do you know where I could purchase this 19. I live in the US and will provide the nearest location of the the gun shop it can be shiped to with a FFL


    1. Yes its fake. Last I checked it was selling for Rs 35000, that would make $350. But I am not sure how one can send it over to the US. And if you can buy one in US for $500 why go through this hassle? 🙂


      1. Exactly. Why would you want a fake one when you can get a real one in the USA. But that’s the desi mentality of thinking. You can eaksig get a real Glock for as low as 400 in the USA.


      2. Ali, I agree, Glock is an over rated pistol in Pakistan, it has a cult following. As of now it is selling for around Rs 5 lakh!!! A pistol which in US costs around $ 500 ~ 600. Just imagine, so gun enthusiasts get low priced copies for themselves.


  2. Salam
    Main locally made main intrested hon but good quaility and looking beautiful aur uskay mags main atleaat 18 rounds aued koi hay apkay pass 9mm pistol tu plz tell me the prize also
    My cell no xxxxxxxxx


  3. is this pistol auto or semi auto which costs 35k because the one i am going to get is around the same price but it has an extra part at the place of hammer ,althouh glocks don’t have any hammer but this spare part looks like hammer which can be detected by any common person to be a copy . when i asked the dealer whats that part he told me that it is for auto fire and without this your gun would be semi auto . upon my telling that orignal glock is also an auto without this extra part he replied that if you want an auto without this part then it would cost aroud 55k and that extra price is for that tool which fits within the glock for autofire and that part is costly , so can you kindly inform me if it is auto in the same condition ?


  4. hi i have brand new original Glock 19 gen 4 its brand new i imported for myself but wana sale now any one intrested call me price final 5 lakh 10 thousands XXXXX


    1. Greetings bro, I see it’s been six years since you posted this thread about this gun. How is it holding up in terms of durability. Is it reliable.


      1. Actually I never bought it. A friend lent it to me for testing it out on the range. I think the quality has improved considerably over the years


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