Would you buy a “made in Pakistan” weapon?

If someone was to ask me this question, I would say, short answer “no” and long answer “yes”. The short answer No is something I have been writing about for a long long time now when I write about guns, that is. The reasons are simple and basic, and its not about the cost, its about your own safety, and more importantly about your life. A weapon that is a copy of some famous known brand, like Glock, Beretta or some Turkish Zigana, is made of God knows what material, has not passed the quality control checks except for firing it once with half a magazine and thence declaring it a “Go” is not a standard that could in any way rate a weapon as reliable or safe. In fact both Darra and Kohat road Industrial Continue reading Would you buy a “made in Pakistan” weapon?

Girsan Yavuz 16 Regard MC – Review

The Girsan Yavuz 16 Regard MC is a Beretta 92 FS clone made my Girsan of Turkey. The pistol being reviewed belongs to a close fried. It is a stainless steel model. Frankly I have never owned a Girsan so when the opportunity arose I could stop myself to take a closer look at it and hence share with you guys. This is a full frame pistol, very good in looks and seems to be well made.

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How to transport your weapon by Air in Pakistan

Hello there. I got this inquiry from one of our worthy readers on how to transport a (licensed) weapon by Air. This post is for all those who are traveling by Air and want to take their weapon (licensed pistol/revolver/rifle/shotgun). First of all it has to be a licensed weapon. So you walk in to the airport and when checking in tell the security person on duty that you have a weapon…. Continue reading How to transport your weapon by Air in Pakistan

Baba Arms Glock 19 – Review

Couple of years ago I did a review of a local Glock 19 made by Royal Arms from Peshawar. I was at that time in Peshawar and a kind friend handed me over this nice piece which I decided to test fire at the range. Off I went in a jiffy with a box full of 9 mm Chinese ammo, which at that time cost Rs 30 a pop, and which sadly costs today Rs 120 a pop! More on that later đŸ™‚ After that I lost interest in copies. In fact I haven’t been a fan of copies ever. A Glock knock offs are in fact everywhere in the market now. Any reasonable guns factory in Peshawar having a CNC machine is now making Glocks, well frankly because Glocks are so popular in Pakistan and because an original Glock 19 as of today, 14 Aug 2019 costs Rs 500k plus đŸ™‚ And not everyone in Pakistan can buy one, so people tend to buy knock offs, which are generally available in the Rs 30 to 45k range, depending on where you buy from. Long story short, let me tell you about the Glock 19 from Baba Arms

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After effects of the weapons import ban in Pakistan

It is more than four years that the previous Government decided to place a complete ban on import of weapons and ammunition, and grant of arms license in Pakistan. Ostensibly it was done to control the worsening law and order situation, but in retrospect it might have been anything. I have strong reasons to lament against this ban. Although the present Government has lifted this ban, but still the policy is in doll drums and so far no import permissions have been granted. This post will look in to this matter in some detail. Please read on…

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How to get a Ministry of Interior, Arms License in Pakistan


Sometime back the MoI in its magnanimity did a great favor to the citizens of this country by lifting the ban on arms licenses. The ban was actually imposed by the previous Government to control the worsening law and order situation in the country, which itself was deplorable as well a laughable thing to do. That is because the petty criminals, thugs and terrorists do need a license, it is in fact the law abiding citizens like you and me who need arms licenses to protect ourselves from the very same people. The philosophy was perhaps coined by a drunk or a stoned Minister sitting somewhere in a cozy bathtub. Off course the minister(s) with their coterie of Police wallahs to protect them have always been least concerned for you and me. One can write a separate post on this issue alone. Anyways getting back to the subject, the Ministry of Interior (MoI), Non Prohibited Bore license (NPB) as it is called is a much sought after arms license in Pakistan. This is because it can be used countrywide and also is NPB means one can purchase any NPB weapon on that license, it can be a pistol, shotgun or a bolt action/semi-auto rifle (in the non banned category). It is plastic card based license printed by NADRA and unlike the book based old licenses issued by the Provincial Governments once. Here’s how to get an MoI, NPB license in Pakistan.

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Rust proof your guns by duracoating them

Duracoated CZ 75 B, in Federal Dark Earth.

Duracoat is not just about looks or spending that extra money on an already (heavily) accessorized dream weapon, sporting a competition hammer, cocobo wooden grips or  a tinkered trigger. A deliberate lamentation by the loner will quell some doubts and then some more. Be it known that rust is the number enemy when it comes to weapons, mainly guns. And this can happen to maintained guns as well. And so I went through this ordeal a few years ago, that led to me explore other ways and means.

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Pistol vs Revolver; the big debate


So which one of the two is better? Pistol or revolver? There are those who love semi-auto pistols and then there are those who adore wheelers. It’s almost a never ending debate, they say carrying a pistol means having more capacity, and that wheelers are old fashioned. Then there’s talk of accuracy and speed and looks and safety and what not. The average Joe gets confused and in the end has a hard time deciding which one to go for. Interestingly in our part of the world (Pakistan) revolvers are considered old fashioned and out dated. Actually this isn’t so. Surf the web and you’ll come to know there’s a sizable population which prefers wheelers over semi-auto pistols. Here’s some points to consider before going for any one of them.

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Got the CZ 75B compact Duracoated 

I got my CZ 75B compact pistol duracoated in Flat Dark Earth. The controls were left black intentionally to give a contrast with the cocobo wooden grips. The trigger is steel so didn’t need a makeover. The magazine is a 16 rounder with extended base plate. Gives a better two hand grip. It has a competition hammer and night sights. The gun is pure pleasure to shoot đŸ˜€





Here is a pic of the gun before it was duracoated. đŸ™‚