How to Factory reset your (Android) Q Mobile if touch-screen is broken or not working


Here’s the worst situation one can come across. Your Q Mobile screen is broken, it isn’t working and you have to get it to the repair shop for a new touch-screen. But you need to reset the phone and wipe out all data. What to do? Even the front screen buttons aren’t working. The only thing working is the volume up/down keys and the power button. Fret not, just follow these steps.


1. Remove the Sim and MicroSD card.

2. Remove battery and wait for 30 seconds.

3. Replace battery.

4. Press volume up button and power button. The phone will start with a dark screen in Recovery Mode, showing following options: (Post updated: I have had to update this post because of the numerous messages that I have received).

You have to press the Volume Up (Volume +) button first and then while keeping it pressed with the other hand press the Power On button, both for about 15 seconds. After a slight Vibration the mobile phone will enter in to Recovery Mode. In some cases, you have to try this with Volume Down (Volume -) and the Power Button.

  • reboot system now
  • apply update from sdcard
  • apply update from sdcard2
  • apply update from cache
  • wipe data/factory reset
  • wipe cache partition
  • backup user data
  • restore user data

Initial 2

5. Using volume up down key select, “backup user data” and press power button. This will backup your important files, pics, music etc on the SD Card. (If it has enough spare space)

Initial 3

6. Using volume up down key select, “wipe data/factory reset” and press power button.

Initial 4

7. Another screen will show various options, again using volume up/down key select “delete all user data…yes” and press power button.

Initial 5

8. Another screen will show “Wiping Data”, “formatting data”, “formatting cache” and finally “Data Wipe complete.”

Initial 6

9. On the top you will see Reboot system now, select it and press power button. That’s it, your phone will restart and now you can send it for repairs.

Initial 7


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  1. The power buttons stopped working on my Nexus S so i installed an application for using Volume button for Powering on the mobile. After two days my mobile got reset automatically and after that it keeps rebooting. Now I cannot go into Settings to do factory reset, nor I can use “power and Volume” buttons combination to root the mobile.
    I have important data in the built-in storage card which i want to recover.
    HELP !!!

    1. I think you should get the power buttons replaced. That’s the best thing to do.
      Other than this you can try to Sync it with a PC to recover the important data.
      That’s why its so important to take backup of data using apps like Titanium back up.

      1. Aoa
        My q mobile z4 screen is damaged. I want to transfer the data to my laptop before factory reset.
        Suggest what to do?

  2. i have a qmobile a6.. and its display is not working.. the mobile still works.. and i can use it .. but i cant see any thing.,. touch screen is also working.. i can touch and open up apps.. the only thing is .. i cant see.. the screen is all blackish blue..
    how to fix this.. plz help…

    1. Follow same procedure. Long press volume down key and power key together. Or try Volume up and power key. Remember it has to be a long press. A few days back I reset one of my friends A9, using the same procedure.

      1. Please try this: Press the volume down key, while keeping it pressed press the power key for 3 ~ 5 seconds. If this doesn’t work try same procedure with Volume up key.

      2. hey i had the same prob.i tried ur procedure nd it worked,i rest now when its doing the same thng agn.get stuck at the noir logo 🙁

      3. i hv mobile noir a 50 my phone’s MENU or HOME button doest not work n screen is also not working plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me how i select

  3. I don’t know how i did it. But volume up or down with power buttons on my Q mobile A8 did the trick. My mobile had become very slow. let’s see if it’s in previous state or not.

  4. Q A50 ,after pressing volume up key and power bkey ,recovery screen is appear but power button did’nt select any option .what should i do???

    1. It should. Does the volume up and down key move through the Menu?
      Try this, remove battery, wait for 5 seconds, re-insert battery and tray the same procedure. Hope this helps.

  5. plzzzzzzzz tell me when screen studk on the noir logo on q mobile a60 then can we apply this procedure because i have this problem

      1. i have tried pressing the power key and down key but it gives these option instead of factory reset (item test)(full test)(pcba test) what should i do now????

      1. my cell stuck at noir logo and i hold power key n volume down togethr it only vibrates n nothng thn i did the same wd volume up but again it only vibrates :/

      1. i hv q mobile A50 … i hold both volume n power keys but recovery screen not appear plzzzzzzzzzzz help me ..

    1. Have you tried the steps as mentioned in my post? Please try again after reading the post carefully.
      And if possible give me step by step feedback. Thanks

    1. You mean scratches? I am not sure, but please ask them. If you bought a new cellphone and it came with scratches then they should replace it. But it all depends on them. But if the scratches were caused by misuse them I think they won’t.

      1. yr mera mobile power key or volume key dbanay say factory resat option ni ata? q mobile A4

  6. mujh sa galti sa mra app play store del ho gia ha qmonile noir a65 ma…..kindly help me k ma is ko again kasya wapis lya kr ao…kyun k wo dobra install be ni ho rha ha……plzzzz urgent reply……kya cell ko reset krnay sa jo already cell ma apps hon to wapis a jati han kya?????

  7. Assalam o Allaikum, I had the same issue my qmobile A60 stops at the logo of “noir” so I used the same method of factory reset as u told, my mobile works but after 2days same problem occurs so I again used same procedure to use my mobile kindly suggest me that can I go to the service centre for claim or I sell the set bcoz if they claim the set and the problm still occurs I have to sell it but I m worrying that the price of my mobile will be down as I purchased my mob only 5days ago, Kindly give me advice & also tell me that it is only a software issue or hardware too. Thanking u in anticipation

    1. Walekum as Salam. If the set is still in warranty then there is no point in selling it off. I suggest you take it to the Q Mobile Service center and let them repair or replace it. But if it is not in warranty then you may sell it. Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks a lot for ur kind advice and precious time. I’ll go for claim & hope they will replace the set, but it seems difficult bcoz its an software issue anyways I’ll tell u what will happened in the claim centre…….

  8. mera Q mobile A700 noir logo py phans jata h mei ny factry reset bhi kia h lekin kch ni ho rha plz mjhe btao kia krn reply me fast….

    1. Have you tried Factory reset? If it is in warranty take it to the Q Mobile center for repairs. If warranty has expired you can get it repaired. If nothing works, sell it.

  9. Okay. So I have a Qmobile A600 and I have dropped it a considerable amount of times but it would work fine. I hadn’t dropped it recently but for some reason, it has stopped working. When I turn it on, I only see the initial black screen that says ‘QMobile’ and nothing else. It just stays like that. I can’t do anything on the phone. I followed the steps you had mentioned. I pressed the volume keys (I tried with both) and the power button at the same time. The volume ‘up’ key didn’t work so I tried the volume ‘down’ key and all I got was an Android with a little caution sign on it or a warning sign. The one with an exclamation mark inside a triangle. I got no options for resetting. Please help me out. I want to send it for repairing but I absolutely must delete all of my data first. Need the phone to be totally clean before sending it.

    1. It is extremely important that you wipe all your data before you send it for repairs. I would suggest you do the following:
      1. Take out the Memory Card (External) and back it up on your PC/Laptop. Do not ever send it to the repair shop with your cell phone!!!
      2. Follow the steps again in the sequence I have written it should work.

  10. hi dear i am unable to factory reset with the steps you have showed it hangs and i have to take out the battery actually kids in my house have tried many patherns thats y i am unable to unlock it i have forgoten my google account its noir a4 plz help

    1. Palwasha, I would say please read the complete post, along with the comments. It should work. May I suggest you keep the Google account info logged in a diary (tucked in a safe place)? It helps 🙂
      Best wishes.

      P.S. You have to press the Volume Up (Volume +) button first and then while keeping it pressed with the other hand press the Power On button, both for about 15 seconds. After a slight Vibration the mobile phone will enter in to Recovery Mode. In some cases, you have to try this with Volume Down (Volume -) and the Power Button.

  11. As Salam O Alaikum. I have a Brand new Qmobile A600 and for some reason, its power button does not lock it but it does unlock the phone. Kindly tell me some solution for this.+

    1. You can set it lock automatically after a few seconds. But if it’s a new phone and under warranty please go to Q Mobile center and get it repaired or replaced. Best wishes.

  12. Asalam o alikum mera mobile A4 lite hai aur bhout slow chalta hai jub se liya hai 2 baar company se change bhi kara liya hai mugar same problem hai factory reset k liye apka solution used kiya hai mugar mere pass wo function nahi arhe hain jo app ne kaha hai us main dosre function arhe hain (volume +) main aur (volume -) main koi option nahi araha hai plz is ka koi hal bata den

    plz plz

    1. If even after getting it changed form company it is slow that means this model is slow, 1GHz with 256 MB RAM? . I have not used an A4 so do not know much about it. You can try doing it again. Or if that doesn’t work, go for a better model with better specs.

  13. dear friend please help me i have q mobile a65 i change voice sating i touch any baton every one voice please help me where is a resting all mobile A65

  14. sir
    i have q A65 but its screen touch is not working . just workig .power buttin and volume upband down plz tel me how i this problm?

    1. Please try resetting the phone as described in the post. Since your power and volume up/down buttons are working I think hard reset will solve the problem. But if this does not solve your problem please go to the Q Mobile service center.

  15. i have Qmobile A700, but i hangs at noir screen. In recovery mood power button does not select any option while volume buttons move through the screen. How can i reset the mobile? One more thing, it is rooted.

    1. I have experience in rooting a Noir Q Mobile. But I presume the problem is because of a rooted phone. Try hard reset after removing SD Card.

  16. dear i have q mobile noir a60 now its not formatting
    when i press power button and volume (+) Button together the formatting menu come and after when i press volume (-) my cell phone off?
    its always hang whenever i off my mobile please help me

  17. i tried this procedure but a different screen appears,its a test screen in which you can test the phone features but there is no reset option there,how do i get this screen?

      1. Dear Sir, with A600 the problem is only with step 5 of your post……

        “press power button” to SELECT the option doesnot select the WIPE wali option….unfortunately, no combination of keys work to SELECT the Step 5, 6 of the explained sequence…….May be I am getting it wrong like always dear Sir “i.i.see”:)

        can u help me please ???

      2. Dear Usman,
        I do not have A600 therefore am unable to comment. But I have heard of this issue before. I am not sure which combination might be useful for this purpose, but it has to be the Power button. Can you please try pressing it for a longer time? Maybe this can work.

      3. my q mobile x6 … its touch some time work and some time dose not what will be the problem.

  18. Hi Salam all,

    Please anybody tell me how to find pin code ? to reset my Q Mobile A8 phone .. Its v urgent plz ..

    1. I am not sure what could be the possible cause and the solution, hence. I would suggest you back up the data on SD Card and Google sync. Then go for a Hard Reset , if that doesn’t solve your problem then get it repaired from the Q Mobile service center. If its in warranty, claim it. Best wishes, 🙂

  19. salam sir meray set mai jahan home back k button wahan home button ki light on hoti hai lekin setting aur back button ki light nahi on hoti kia prob solve ho sakta hai? A8 Qmobile hai

    1. If the Settings and Back is working ok then I guess you can try a Hard Reset. If its not working, then get it repaired 🙂

  20. I tried this method but its shows a red icon is k ilawa koi option nii hyy .. I want to restore my mob or touch kharab hugya hyy

  21. I follow the steps .I got was an android with a sign or a warning sign dnt know …..triangle red mark hyy is k alawa koi optionn niii plzz help ,me ..:-(

  22. nmafzal bro main ray pass a50 noir hai is ka problem hai main sab kuch kar layta ho but jab recovery mod main jao to kuch hota nahi like factory reset kuch be nahi hota

    1. I am sorry I don’t have A50. But I think this procedure is generic for all phones. Can you enter in to recovery mode?

  23. Assalam-o-Alaikum,
    mera q mobile a4 automatically boht ziada restart hota rehta hai, jis say battery low ho jati hai, What i do? kindly help me…

    1. Looks like a software problem. Do this:
      1. Back up data on Google sync and/or SD Card.
      2. Hard reset it.
      3. If problem persists go to Q Mobile service center.
      Best wishes.

  24. mere pass q mobile a 700 hai mujse gir kar oska screen damigh hova app itna bta dy ke screen mil jae ga or price kya hoga

    1. Yes you can get it replaced from Q Mobile service center. In fact that is exactly what I got done for my mobile. I think it cost me Rs. 2500.
      Cheers. 🙂

  25. my qmobile a8 screen has cracked due to my own weight. Now the screen is not working but power buttons n other things are ok. Can u plz guide me regarding the pricce? is selling it more better or repairing. THANKS

    1. That’s too bad. I think you put it in trousers your back pocket. You can get it repaired for about Rs. 2500. Do a Hard reset before getting it repaired. And please do contact the Q Mobile service center for details about pricing.

  26. Hello, I have qmobile Noir A9.

    One day suddenly screen automatically opens the different files (programmes) and i reboot it. But now 3 touch buttons on the bottom of the mobile are not working. whereas screen touch is normal.

    Please guide what to do?


  27. hi, I have a qmobile a15 and it is not rebooting, it gets stuck at noir logo. when i enter the reboot menu, i can select options using volume key but power key is not entering any option i select. can u help?

  28. AOA

    Dear i have Noir A700
    i have deleted launcher and theme skin files
    from where can i get them ???

    1. WAAS. You cannot delete the default launcher, I think you might have deleted its icon. Try the following:
      1. Restart phone. If this doesn’t work,
      2. Go for a Soft Reset, if this doesn’t work,
      3. Go for a Hard Reset.
      BTW you can find so many launchers on Android Market, why not install them and give them a try?

  29. mere pass noir A65 hai…… leken pata nahi kiya huwa us ka camera aur gallery ka folder dono screen saye ghayab hoo gah hai..

    1. If you mean from the main screen or the Apps? If it is still there in the Apps then you can create a new icon by long pressing it and dragging it to the desired location.

    1. The easiest way to backup contacts is to sync it with your Google account. You can also back up contacts on your SD Card. But I am not sure if contacts from your SIM or Google account will be stored to memory card with the back up option. The back up option is for transferring all data in the phone to the SD Card.

  30. Thanks for any other informative website. Where else may I get that type of info written in such a perfect method?
    I’ve a undertaking that I am just now operating on, and I’ve been at the look
    out for such information.

  31. Hey I hv Qmobile A36 ….
    actually hua ye k mjh se by mistake home ka option jis se menu open hota he wo delte ho gya wo home ka option jo ke screen pe ata he
    or ab excpt un chizo k e.g. msgs nd contcts jo home option k sth hote hen un ke kch b ni khul ra khule ga bhi q menu me jo sab kuch he
    bcoz sab jizen menu me he ab me kia karun wapis kis trah se laon help me plzz what should i do now ??? :'(

  32. i have qmobile a300…touch is not working… i want to reset my cell phone….i already press power button as well as volume down button and enter in factory mode….now volume button is working fine here to up/down the menu…but for selection power button is not workin here…..what can i do now….plz help

  33. aoa.. My qmob A50 has got this problem.. sb options aa rahay hain lekin power button is not selecting the option.. Kindly help me out!!

    1. Looks like some problem with your Power button? Can you please try using the Home button? But I guess it may not work since it is a Soft button. I would suggest trying again. Thanks.

  34. Mary pas A65 h r uska volume bnd ho giya h just vibrate krta h jb k hand free lgany sa awaz ati h just hand free m plz guide me to solve my prblm

    1. Please go to settings and check your volume settings. Is it set to Vibrate only? In the extreme case I would recommend Hard Reset after backing up your contacts.

  35. Salam nmafzal bro.
    I have qmobile A600. I tried the same procedure but when it get entered to recovery mode. No option is selected when I press power button in fact I goes back while volumes both buttons working properly…
    Plz brother help me to solve this problem as soon as possible.
    One more thing warranty is left one month in this A600. Customers care center claims these sort of problems or not I will be repaired at own cost.???

    1. Salam bro. I am not sure why it isn’t working in A600. This is the umpteenth time I am hearing this. And about Q Mobile, well I think if its in Warranty then they should repair it free of cost.

  36. I have Qmobile Z4, i have been facing some problem in handling of my phone since last few days. My display screen some times doesnt responds and sometimes it works properly. its on its own when to work and when to not. i have reset it to factory settings from the settings of the phone but that doesn’t help me either.

    does this recovery screen factory settings is any different from the option available in settings of the phone ?? and is there anyway to fix this problem at my own as i am abroad and cant go to Q mobile service centre.

    1. Hard reset is the same whether you do it from the menu or follow this procedure. I don’t know of a way to resolve this issue. I would say go for a reset and then update. To me it doesn’t seem like a software issue but no harm in trying as you have no choice.

      1. Hello, I have NOIR A9, its speed became very slow. If i open contacts then i have to wait long. What to do?   Dr. Umesh Johrani

      2. Dear Doc,
        Noir A9 has 512 MB RAM. So it will be slow as more and more apps are added to it. You can download any memory cleaner app from Android Market and install it. It will help to some extent. Also you can try this, long press Menu button and all open apps will be displayed you can then choose to remove them from the RAM.

      3. Like I said, 512 MB RAM is a little too less. If you are comfortable using the set then get used to it, else go for a better one. Something like 1 GB should be fine. Actually I had the same problem with my Huawei G510, I got tired of it and changed it.
        Cheers 🙂

    1. Very simple, just draw the pattern. If you forgot it, it will ask for password which you set. If you’ve forgotten that as well, go for a hard reset. 🙂

  37. My qmobile a600 was working perfectly. Last night, I was watching a video on uc browser, it stuck while playing video. I long pressed power but to restart but It didn’t work. So I removed the battery and put it back again . I tried to switch on my mobile but nothing happened. I repeated the same process 2-3 times but it was useless. I tried entering boot/ factory mode but nothing happened. It is not charging. Nothing is wrong with the charger. When it happened mobile was fully charge. The light/led which glows when we connect a charger is not glowing anymore. Only thing which is happening is that the flash light blinks for a moment when I re-insert the battery after removing it.

  38. i have a mobile lava iris …
    in this set there is no memory card show nd also inernal memory..
    when i open file manager there is blank nthng is there
    enternal nd external memory both are not….
    plzzzzz help

  39. my mobile noir i9 restart during functioning whats the problm with happens about 10 times in a day what can i do.

  40. help me plz

    mera noir A30 apps install nahe karta hai

    our reset be nahe hota hai

    hazar try kar ke deka

  41. i have q mobile noir a4.When pressing (volume Down+power key) it goes to fastboot mode and on pressing (volume Up +Power key) it displays following options

    Factory Test
    phone test
    factory used

    PCBA Test
    full phone test
    KB test
    view phone test result
    item test
    BT WUT
    ctp calibrate

    how can i reset my phone using these options cause someone attempt too many times with the wrong pattern and now it shows to sign in with google account but i hadn’t create any google account in it. Please help 🙁

  42. salaam, there is an error has been occured, in coming messages keep coming more than 20 times. pls. advise. thnx

    1. salaam, there is an error has been occuredin my A8, in coming messages keep coming more than 20 times since 4th of Oct’14. pls. advise. thnx

  43. Dear friend. i have Q A11 mobile, i have one problem, when i power on my mobile then mobile direct go to factory mode.. so i have hard rest my mobile , after that when i reboot the device again the factory mode show every time.. so please help me what i do.. i shall be very thank full of you …………

  44. slam i have done the same method as you mentioned but the phone only vibrated and turned into green blinking small light at the top of little bit of left side and after a while viberated every after 3 to 4 minutes or 5 min but the nohr is stucking since before there is no change without that green light blinking and to the bottom three symbols of options are glittering but no work plz help me its a new A15 i have used only for the the last 1 month, with regarding Haroon Ali

  45. my htc desire hd was fully discharged, when I charged it and looked after sometime, a error was displaying on the screen that your mobile is drawing more current than required. then i removed the charger and switched on my mobile but it doesn’t only it vibrated for some time. then i charged my battery with universal charger and re-insert it to switch it on, but same thing happend. why it happens so? why it vibrates on pressing power button and then becomes dead? plz help!

    1. Before going for a hard reset or anything check the parameters like SSID, password etc. If hard reset doesn’t work, get it repaired from Q Mobile service center.

  46. Dear friend. I have a q mobile a30 . I by mistake deleted all contacts from the phone. is there any way by which i can get it back. please help me as contacts were all very important.

    1. I have tried this on Q Mobile i10. Press Power and Volume Up simultaneously for two seconds until Q Mobile Logo appears. A few seconds later Android Logo will appear with Android lying down and some Chinese written under it in Red color. Now press, Power button and you will enter the factory reset mode. Follow the same procedure after that. Let me know if it works.

  47. Asalaam aleikom. I have QMobile Noir A15 which seems to get stuck at the startup Noir screen. I have followed the steps above instructions to do factory reset and am able to get in to the recovery screen and use the volume key to get to wipe data option. To select that option you say to press the power button, unfortunately that doesn’t work, it just takes it back to the Android laying down with exclamation mark on its keypad. Do you have any suggestions on how to select the option if power button not working? Your help is greatly appreciated.
    P.S. I am in UK so taking it to dealer/place of purchase is not going to be an option for me.
    Thanks again. Saba.

    1. Walekum as Salam,
      Saba, is the power button working? I mean under normal conditions?
      In some Q Mobile cellphones the Power button does not work. The A15 has Soft buttons on the front (lower) part of the screen. Make use of Menu key instead of the Power button. It should work. If that doesn’t work try the Center Soft key (Home). But I think it should work by pressing the Menu key. And please do share your experience.

      1. Asalaam aleikom. I have QMobile Noir A15 which seems to get stuck at the startup Noir screen. I have followed the steps above instructions to do factory reset and am able to get in to the recovery screen and use the volume key to get to wipe data option. To select that option you say to press the power button, unfortunately that doesn’t work, it just takes it back to the Android laying down with exclamation mark on its keypad (no command) n when I slect any of these options its jst show (no command) plz help me what I do.?

  48. Mere pas q mobile A300 He jab main mobile on krta hun to Noir pe a k Hang ho jata h ya. Use Kerty hue off.ho jata h main kya krun??

  49. Asalaam aleikom. My apologies for not replying sooner. Thank you for your suggestions, unfortunately they have not worked either. With regards your question about the power button, that works to power up the device but not beyond that. Any other ideas would be welcomed.
    Thanks again. Saba

  50. mre pass qmle a30 hai us ka touch bilkul kam nehi ker rha ky
    aur kia krun kuch samj nehi a rha?
    help me

  51. assalamu alaikum ……..I have qmobile a500….this steb I tried but android logo appear but downside no command also appear what I do to…please help me….assalamu alaikum…

  52. assalamu alaikum. my q mobile noir i7 touch is broken but it is not available in market. even it is not available in hafeez centre. from where i can purchase it?

  53. Hi, I have A600 and by pressing volume up and power button together i am able to open recovery but unable to select any option, it does move up and down with volume keys but unable to select any option. tried with enter key and also with power button and it is not working… plz if you can suggest some solution.

  54. hello i have noir i5 I have also the same problem it stuck on noir logo.I use the volume up key and down key with power button it appear me recovery mode:volume up and factory mode:volume down when I press the volume up button screen display says no command.what I have to do.but if I select factory mode it display some thing but I don’t know what to do,can you help me plz

  55. My set is QMobile A300 is nice but now is very very slow how can formet???? Press Power botton and volume up.down for former but not working how can i do???

  56. sir mere pas noir a300 hy jis ki screen toot gai hey but touch is working perfectly LCD is also fine but only screen is broken pls mujhe batao mein kiya kron aur is ki screen ki price kiya hey

  57. Have done the same procedure it worked after resetng factory it lasted for 3 to 4 hours and then again it started turning on and of and stuck at the logo and then keep on doing this please tell me what isthis problem

  58. I have qmobile a300 and it stuck on boot loop. Itried to hard reset but still it doesn’t work. I live outside Pak and cannot go to claim warranty. PleSe tell me how can I restore oirignal stock rom using computer.

  59. Aslam.o.alikum
    mairy qmobile i5 ka touch pani main girny say khrab ho gya hy kya ap mujhy bta sakty hain k ye mil jaay ga agr mily ga to kya ye sahe work kary ga or price kya ho ge?

  60. Aoa. i have Qmobile Z3 and it Hang On Qmobile Logo . i tried a lot to reset but i cant. please help me. tahnks

  61. i have q a65 but its volume button is damage i replaced it from a shop but its not work properly and again damage, is q mobile shop have its jenieun button and replaced me

  62. Bro plz help me .. i have a34 … its touch is not working well on the top but on the bottom its working like a charm.. mobile is fine.. nothing else ..just the wrong touch problem and screen is not broken… plz tell me steps to my email… or tell meif there is any risk if i factory reset this mobile….

  63. Bro mery paas z4 hai qmobile meny usko rebot kiya tu wo aise mood pe a gya jaise uper pichers pr hein ab meny usy dobara sahi krna ha kaise karun means dobara screen a jyeee jaisa pehly thaa tu mein kia karun please help me iam very tensed or mera volume down wala button kharaab hai….

  64. my android A65 hangs on NOIR logo, I’ve tried the factory reset , but it is useless… the device stops at the NOIR logo ! before this my device was showing the following message.. “unfortunately play store has stopped working”… please help!

  65. Thanku You So Much NMAfzal….Am Use Ur procedure! in QA9 Then My Mobile Start The Working And Like a Dancing….Am Happy Now…Thank u So Much…..

  66. mra qmobile A 50 reset krty waqt do option aty hain ..recovery mode….reset mode..but koi b select ni hota or mobile thori der bad band ho jata ha kindly help

  67. Dear sir! I have qmobile noir x80 and the problem is that its back botton does not work .warranty remains about 6 months .how can we repair it only one botton does not work . Can they replace or repair it? I m so sad what to do?? Plz plz plz help me . I will be very thankfull to you sir

  68. hi i have qmobile noir A300
    at first it start to become slow then suddenly when i tried to open any application it happens that istagram has stopped working viber has stooped android has stopped and then phone power off by itself and dont start again what can i do please help 🙁

  69. sir mera qmobile i7 hai wo sirf qmoible ka logo show krta hai volume up key or powar key say recovery mod main to aa jata lekin wipe data/foctory reset option pe ok krny say error deta hai kay user data formating fail sir kindly help me main bht preshan hun

  70. aoa mera qmobile a300 hai wo khudi on ho jata hai khudi off ho jata hai chltay chltay phir off ho jata hai 2 mint say ziada nai on rehta

  71. i have Qmobile A4 but it does not open Play store
    i entered my gmail id with correct password but it show your password is work,
    so how can i open my play store for update software

  72. I m data factory restored after restored QMobile A34 has verey slow
    mean kuch b open karo to jaldi ni hota or bar bar keyboard back chala jata or bar bar lock lagta or screen pe android system aa jata y and every solution plz help me

  73. i hv qz4 for security it is stop working only power button and vol button working, i canot reset factory setting b/c battery non-removable
    plz help me

  74. please help me sir. my noir i9,… I tried ur method its all done, phone restarted. but still stuck on noir logo… please help… m stressed 🙁

  75. i have QZ4 mini it shows the display factory mode but its button of power on/off not
    working kindly tell me what i do?

  76. i’ve reset my phone for a number of times but its too slow+ its sending me crash reports again and again, kindly tell me a solution

  77. i tried this on my Qmobile i9 .. aftr the very last step, my phone still didnot get started. it hangs up on the logo. what should be done?

  78. Dear mere pas qmobile z4 hai mene uay reset kia h to ab iska data conection auto pa on ho jata h ye problem kaisay solve hoga…?????

  79. I have z9 mobile,it was broken on back side due to falling from me ob ground and hit on bacj side,q mobile center will change its back side or not plzzzzzzz tell me

  80. mera mobile QMobile NOTE A11 kind battery bar bar charge karni parti hai….. kia us kind nail battery milay gi turn kahaan say………kitny ki…..……………Plzzzzzzzzz…………………

  81. Qmobile A600 Stuck
    Doing Power+vol up +vol Dwn -> Recovery Mode-> Wipe Data/Factory reset
    Message appear that “wiping Data mount /Data error”

  82. I have q tab .i have delete main apps .Now when i power on the tablet it hangs on qtab logo and not open.

    Plzzzz help!!!!

  83. dear ,take my salam .i hope u r fine.allways god help ; i have q mobaile A700 good working bud today 05/05/2016 morning not open .power botom press after open only screen show only lock but not open .i mform abudhabi .please hlep me.thanks

  84. salam . mer Z8 chlty chlty band ho gya hai . or us ki red warning light on ho gai hai . charge se utara hai . phir b ni bnd ho reh . or na he phn on ho rah hai . plz mjhy btaia kia masla hwa hai . or ya kua asa hang ho gya hai . me use kr rah tha charge par lga kar . to aik dam se 0 % ho gya or bnd ho gya tha . me kafi dafa try kia on krna ko par mi ho rah . kia yah thk ho jaye ga . kindly reply me fast .

      1. I have a question regarding backing up and restoring data from samsung to a non samsung phone. Can I post it here?

  85. I have a question regarding backing up and restoring data from samsung to a non samsung phone. Can I post it here?

      1. Thanks. If I use smart switch or samsung kies to backup my samsung phone data (like notes, contacts, sms, apps, s planner etc) to a PC, can I restore it to a non-samsung phone?

  86. i have q mobile I5…. its touch system is not working from 2 days. what should i do? the moile itself is well ..

  87. mere pas Qmobile hai wo gir gaya ab on hota hai par screen white kuch nazar nai hata mujhe msg or pics delet karna hai usse koi hal bata de

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