The Maple House, new restaurant in Peshawar


Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with The Maple House, nor is this post about marketing their stuff. I visited this eatery and decided to write about it on my blog.

The city of Peshawar never ceases to amaze me. With so many things happening around from bomb blasts, to killings and political wranglings, you suddenly get news of a new eatery springing up in the middle of University Town, Chinar Road to be exact. I just wonder how business is thriving? Well I guess the people are tired and they need a break, from it all. So, we were talking about The Maple House, shall we?

There’s a handful of good restaurants here now that serve foodies other than the usual Mutton stuff that we all love. This being the newest, the list of items on menu is impressive. You are sure to get Pasta, Soups, Traditional BBQ, Continental, Steaks, Shakes, Margaritas and mouth watering/eye candy type desserts.

I longed for a Beef Steak and got one, the wifey got one too, kids got some continental stuff and a not so grumpy looking burger with plenty of salads. The serving time was around 30 minutes, which I guess isn’t too good or bad. The waiters were helpful. Junior ordered a Captain Blood and I settled for a Margarita, with the others getting plain seven ups. The food is good, it is nicely portioned, good size per serving, tasty and just right.

A word about the ambiance, it is impressive. You can sit outdoors and enjoy the weather till hell summer arrives, there are a couple of small cabins (which I guess is not bad) and umpteen rooms in the main building each snaking in to the other. The rooms themselves are tastefully decorated, good lighting, good furniture and just as good crockery and cutlery. But the music sucks….yikes please change it. Hey, why not some ABBA or Carpenters for a change? And the washrooms, well frankly I have to give it to the management, I haven’t seen such good rest rooms anywhere. Not even in the famed PC!!!

The service is good but not very. I would expect more speedy service. The waiters need to know the Menu in detail. It would surprise me if the waiter did not know that Chocolate Fudge or Apple Pie is normally served with a small scoop of ice cream. A visit to the chef on our insistence cleared his doubts. And please if it is in the Menu, it better be served. Imagine my frustration on ordering an Apple Pie and being told at least ten minutes later that “sorry sir, there’s no apple pie”. Or how about my mashed potatoes ending up in the wifey’s serving and her baked in mine? We swapped the potatoes from our plates in presence of all, yes literally, amid smiles off course.

I wonder why restaurants in Peshawar are averse to the idea of having a Credit/Debit card facility for the guests? This is the second one I have visited which is devoid of it. Come on guys it will do you good. It’s good for business. Anyone, listening or reading?

Overall, not a bad experience minus the small glitches which I would not expect from a restaurant of this stature. If you want to bring in the WOW factor, do some improvements please. How about some eye candy?


Like the look? So do I.


Mein Steak, tasty it was.


The young lady loved it.


Here’s junior’s order. The guy loves Pizza, but they don’t have it on the Menu.


Mem Shaib’s order with my mashed potatoes. The spinach was lovely.


Captain’s Blood, anyone?

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4 thoughts on “The Maple House, new restaurant in Peshawar”

  1. Have you visited it lately and any improvements so far? I am looking for a serene dining location preferably with 5-6 course buffet, what would you suggest ?


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