Habibi Restaurant (Ring Road) – A fishy experience


I did a post on Habibi Restaurant sometime back, but that was about their outlet on University Road and its take home service. They do have a Habibi Village on Ring Road as well. I decided to try it out just yesterday as I heard from a cousin their Bar BQ fish is superb. And superb it was indeed. The outlet is located about 3 kms from the Hayatabad-Ring Road entrance. There is a separate hall for gents and families, but we preferred to sit in the family lawns as the weather was really good.

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Habibi Restaurant Peshawar has the fastest take home service


Habibi is a small restaurant on the main University Road, just adjacent to the Hayatabad main entrance. I haven’t dined at Habibi but I can vouch for its take home service and quality of food. You phone them and within 20 minutes the order is packed to be taken home. The staff I have found to be very courteous and polite, always. There Chicken piece, Mutton Tikka and Karahi are worth ordering, again and again. Do not forget the Naans! And if all else fails try their Habibi platter. Amazing stuff and speedy service, the prices are a little steep though.

Rahat Bakers in Peshawar

Rahat Bakers or something of the likes of Rahat opened up in Peshawar few months back. The city is kind of low on quality stuff, specially in the food department. There are a few good bakeries like Jan’s Bakery, Pak Bakers etc. But then that’s where the thing stops. I believe this joint is a franchise of the original Rahat, because somewhere it changed to Tehzeeb after years of libel suits. So things became so jumbled up that consumers were confused out of their minds which Rahat was real and which was the imitator. And now we have this Rahat in Peshawar. But that’s not what this discussion is all about.

Today’s ramble is about the low quality stuff that this bakery is making and selling, in the month of Ramzan! I had the very unfortunate experience of buying samosas for Iftar and boy they turned out to be filled with some junk. On closer inspection I think it is the leftover stuff of Pakoras. The kids refused to eat it and so did my wife. That the cost of all items have been jacked up is another discussion altogether which may require another post. What is even more painful is the fact that a substantial quantity of the Samosas was sent to neighbors and friends for Iftar, just imagine what they might have felt on eating this junk.

A few days back I bought some Kachuris from them and surely at least one turned out to be filled with “NOTHING” and the other had burnt stuff filled in to it. Folks, spending a few million rupees to get a shop on main University road, getting a franchise from Rahat, opening a Bakery including a much needed Facebook page is no big feat at all, I say its good businessman acumen. The real thing is making and selling quality stuff and not ripping off customers. I hope the management takes note of this and improve their quality or I will stop going there.

IMG_20130729_192708 See this Samosa! It was filled with some junk. Get a life rippers!

Balahisar Namakmandi Food Forte new Restaurant in Peshawar


This place, Balahisar Namakmandi Food Forte started its services in Peshawar about two weeks back. I saw its ad on a billboard and a visit was deftly planned on a quiet and hot summer weekend. The place is located on Abdara road in front of Dar-e-Arqam School. It is in an old house that has been renovated, and decorated very tastefully.

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Coffee Pot Peshawar, a review of sorts

coffee pot peshawar

Nestled in between Dewan-e-Khas and a few cozy tree lined houses in the quiet part of Peshawar lies this eatery that has my attention for quite for sometime. The environment is what one what would expect from any upscale restaurant of the day. Its quiet demeanor is above all impressive. The kind of place where I would love to go any day (be it a sweltering summer afternoon) for a cold coffee or a freezing winter noon for a cappuccino.

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Espresso Lounge Peshawar, revisited


In a previous post I reviewed Espresso Lounge (Peshawar). I revisited the place few days back for some good food and off course good time. But I was  dismayed. This post is not meant to hurt anyone’s business in anyway. I would implore the Espresso guys to think positive after reading this post.

Here’s what went wrong.

  • A serving of salad did not have Iceberg lettuce, instead the raw one was used.
  • The kids ordered Pepsi and some shake, which was not served yet included in the bill. On insistence the bill wasn’t changed.
  • The lamb chops were not well done.
  • Had to ask for still water thrice to get it on my table.
  • They still haven’t got the Card payment account, so you pay in cash.

I think the quality of service has gone down, considerably, so has the quality of food. I was told by one of my friends that it is a norm here for new restaurants to hire good chefs and staff on a new launch, and fire them after a month or so. I sternly refused to believe this.

I will visit the place one more time and if they still haven’t improved, it will be curtains for them, as far as I am concerned. Please restore the lost standards, it pains me to see my hard earned money going down the drain. Best wishes.

The Maple House, new restaurant in Peshawar


Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with The Maple House, nor is this post about marketing their stuff. I visited this eatery and decided to write about it on my blog.

The city of Peshawar never ceases to amaze me. With so many things happening around from bomb blasts, to killings and political wranglings, you suddenly get news of a new eatery springing up in the middle of University Town, Chinar Road to be exact. I just wonder how business is thriving? Well I guess the people are tired and they need a break, from it all. So, we were talking about The Maple House, shall we?

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Espresso Lounge now in Peshawar


Sandwiched in between Warda Lawn and a vacant floor Espresso Lounge has opened an outlet in the restive city of Peshawar. The place is ideal for shoppers, those looking for a quick cappuccino or loners like me who love to think in isolation 🙂 It is on the main University Road, near Arbab Road in one of the new (still empty) Plazas.

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