Taliban play Football with severed heads of Pakistani Policmen


Note: The video and content in this post is very graphic and gruesome in nature. Viewer discretion is advised.

When I started this Blog I never knew one day I would make a post on a topic as gruesome as this. Someone shared a link with me of a Vimeo in which a defected Talib confesses how he along with his accomplices attacked a Police Check Post in huge numbers, killed policemen and severed their heads. The raiding party then took away the severed heads and played Football with them. To me, as to anyone this is something beyond imagination. The live commentary explains in Urdu how these animals attacked and killed the policemen and then declared them infidels. They Taliban are then shown playing Football with the severed heads. At the end the man says he defected the Taliban because he got a call of conscious. And prays for his forgiveness.

Try as I may but I just cannot fathom the nature of these animals. Even animals are better. I am a Muslim, not very practicing but I believe in freedom of speech and thought. I strongly believe in respecting people of other religions as is ordained in Islam. I have never killed anyone in life nor do want to. What confuses me is which school of Islamic thought are these Barbarians propagating? I am sure if the pages of history are leafed through such examples would be unheard of, specially in the Islamic history. Where from, then these beasts have come? And where from are they getting their guidance and supervision? Who is feeding and supporting them? Who are their ideals? What are their aims? Do they deserve to live?

No amount of remonstration or outcry will be enough, I guess. I find it hard to concentrate and write anything.

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4 thoughts on “Taliban play Football with severed heads of Pakistani Policmen”

  1. And common Pakistanis want Taliban and Sharia to rule our homeland. What the hell happened Pakistan, every day waking up and thinking this very question!!!!!


      1. I am not a very religious person, as is evident from my writings 😉 What I meant to say was, what the Taliban want to implement is not Sharia. Don’t you think we already have an Islamic Republic? The only problem is that in Pakistan the State does not control religion, its the other way round, with religious zealots controlling everything that has got to do with religion. On the contrary in countries like Saudia or Turkey its the state that controls religion. Which is a good thing, because the govt gets to tell them the Do’s and Don’ts otherwise it will be uncontrollable, as it is in our case.


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