Book Review: The Sunset Club by Khushwant Singh


The Sunset Club by Khushwant Singh is about three friends, a Hindu, a Muslim and a Sikh. They are all octogenarians and know each other since last forty years. The scene is set in Delhi around Lodhi Gardens where the three friends meet on evenings almost everyday. They sit on a bench, now called as the “Borra Binch” (named after them as all three old fellows occupy this bench) and chat about things personal, the latest happenings, life, religion, sex, India, Pakistan, God and almost everything that comes to their minds. All three love to drink, they like to reminisce and tease each other. In between this Khushwant Singh the master storyteller conveys strong messages about the subjects that matter to us, as is evident from their (the three friend’s) talk.

The story starts on India’s Republic Day 26 January 2009 and ends a year after that on the same date 26 January 2010. It is based on analects of the year 2009. It is punctuated by real events being mentioned through out the text and a commentary by the three friends on those happenings. Which in  fact are Khushwant’s thoughts on those events. A very clever way of putting things to pen and making them appear interesting.

He aptly describes the seasons as they change in Delhi year round, from the cold wintry nights to the hot and humid afternoons and off course the monsoons. Reading the book manifests Khushwant’s vast knowledge on the flowers and the various seasons they bloom in. In between he does not at all fail to make a mention of the sexual exploits of the three friends in their own words, which is very typical of Khushwant Smile

By the time one is half way through the book he/she realizes that the Sikh character in the book is in fact Khushwant Singh himself. The musings are a treat to read and are dotted with humorous anecdotes. The Sunset Club makes one fine book to read and place on your bookshelf. Don’t miss these 216 pages of exciting treatise.

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