An act of kindness never goes waste


In case you are wondering what this is all about, let me explain, or narrate please. They say an act of kindness never goes waste, no matter how small. I believe this to be very true. So it was my first day at this hotel in Rochester and I had just finished my breakfast. Before leaving for work I went to my room to pick up by office bag.

There was this charming lady, who was cleaning my room. She greeted me with the customary Good Morning and a big smile. She seemed of South Asian descent, and on my asking told me she was from Ceylon. So I was just putting some things in my bag and I asked her how many kids she has. She told me she had two kids one was just few months old and the other a few years. She also told me her husband had a stroke and was hospitalized. That seemed bad to me. I was just heading out and instinctively drew a $ 10 bill and gave it to her, saying, “Its for your kids.” Reluctantly Shanti accepted it, as usual with a big smile. I gave an inward smile to myself thinking I had made someone’s day. It’s a great feeling you get when you help someone.

The next day I forgot to put the “make my room” sign. The day after when I returned from work, I saw this small neat note written by her laying on my pillow. It read, “Have a great day, Thanks Devi.” That, just made my day. To this day I remember Shanti. And my belief has grown even stronger, an act of kindness never goes waste.

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