Gamo Whisper X – Air Gun Review


Gamo Whisper X is a mid-range classy air-gun which has hit our markets, big time. Before Gamo, there was only Diana air guns in Pakistan. While there is no doubt about the quality of Diana air guns Gamo is an inexpensive alternative for gun enthusiasts, specially in Pakistan. I have seen a number of Gamo guns, all with synthetic stocks. So its a change from the traditional Diana with wooden stocks, besides giving an impressive look.


Length: 117 cms
Caliber: .22/.177 (The gun being reviewed is .22)
Weight: 6.5 lbs
Fluted Barrel
Noise Dampener
Adjustable two stage trigger
Cocking safety, Trigger safety
Fiber Glass ambidextrous stock, with checkering
Fiber optic sights
Adjustable rear sights and scope rails
Muzzle Velocity .22 – 722 fps, .177 – 1000 fps


See the fiber optic front sight and noise dampener.


The barrel is fluted. This means less material is used and it prevents over heating.


The grip is very good.


The safety is placed in front of trigger so it can be easily dis-engaged with the firing finger.


The trigger can be set to ones liking by adjusting a small screw.


I like the ergonomics of this gun.


It has a very natural grip.


Gamo Whisper X.


Observe the cheek rest and the Gamo logo.


It comes with two extra fiber optic sights.


Gamo Whisper X is a break barrel rifle.


I mounted a cope on it.


Here’s a close up of the rifle with scope mounted on it. Gamo Whisper X, .22 Air Gun, with 2-5 x 40 Hubertus scope.


I shot this target from 25 M with a 2-5 x 40 Hubertus scope, and Gamo match pellets.

Gamo Whisper X is a pretty accurate rifle. It is available in Pakistan around Rs 20,000. It is light weight and has all the features of a good rifle. I think it offers good value for money.

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113 thoughts on “Gamo Whisper X – Air Gun Review”

  1. Asalamo alaikum
    Sir u have mentioned that gamo whisper X is available on 20,000 rupees in Pakistan.
    so can u please guide me that where exactly can I get it???
    Its price of new air gun. new means a brand new packed unused whisper X for 20,000 rupees.
    will b waiting for ur email,
    my email id is xxxxxxx
    n u can txt or call on 0333xxxxxxxx.
    with regards

    1. Dear Salahuddin it depends on which city you are buying it from. Rates are lowest in Peshawar, then Pindi and Lahore and finally Karachi is the most expensive. I think you should not pay more than Rs 23,000 for this rifle.

      1. thank you soooo very much for ur concern sir.
        I will buy it in Peshawar.
        a friend has his own shop in Peshawar, he told me that I will give u on 23000.

        sir is it a good air rifle for hunting doves n pigeons?
        I m already using Gamo shadow 1000, it was great when I purchased it but after using it for 4 years now I want to update.

        so may I buy whisper X .22?
        mean will it be suitable for hunting?

      2. I think in terms of muzzle velocity it is at par with Gamo Shadow 1000. But it has a dampener and much better grip/ergonomics. I would suggest that buy its original scope if you can. It might cost you a little more say Rs 6000 but the results would be good. It is a good air rifle for hunting doves and pigeons.

      3. Sir thank you so very much for giving me time from ur busy life, Inshallah im going to buy this Air rifle, And I already have scope of Center Point, n im satisfied with it, but I will check gamo scopes too if there was any difference then I will buy that too.

        Again thank you very much…
        With regards
        Salahuddin Yousafzai

    2. sir,
      respectfully that ap ne jo pic de hy kia air gun condition yahe hy. agher hy to me lena chahta hn. Zaka ullah khan 034xxxxxxx

      from bahawalpur cholistan

    3. Sir I am searching for the gamo Socom Extreme Air Rifle with a 3-9×50 RGBD Air Rifle Scope(original) but it is difficult to find,can u guide me that how and from where i can buy with cheapest rate and with full accessories 0333xxxxxx text me plz on this number i`ll call u

  2. im asking you bcoz in different stores I got different rates..
    Packed new Gamo Whisper X without scope for Rupees 23000 to 27000 in different shopes.
    can u guide

  3. AOA
    Everyone Hope that you are fine . I need expert advice that i want to but Gamo Whisper X and I am getting it for 20k in Rawalpindi. So i need to know following things I ll be great full if you ppl help me to decide should i buy it or not.

    1. Range of the gun as i am confuse i have seen in a forum that Gamo Whisper X can take down a target from 80 yards. but in other forum it says that i cant only go around 45 yards.

    2. Do you ppl recommend the scope with it ? If yes then which one should i buy
    3. I want to hunt rabbits, Pigeons and Ducks (Murgabi).
    4. Any other Air Rifle you ppl recommend by budget in around 30 K

    kindly send me an email at xxxxxxxxxx

    Thanks in advance

    1. Walekum as Salam,
      Gamo Whisper is a good air gun cosnidering its specs and price range.
      Here’s the reply.
      1. Range depends on Muzzle Velocity or simply the power. Its MV isn’t very great. Don’t expect beyond 30 – 40 yards. If you want range go for .22 LR Rifle. Air guns were never designed for long range. The highest would be a Diana Air King (If you can find one, but it is expensive 45 to 50 k or more).
      2. I would recommend a Gamo scope, rather than some cheap Chinese one.
      3. You can hunt pigeons and doves with it. Rabbits if you are lucky to take a head shot. But ducks , no way.
      4. Go for Diana 35, or Diana Panther should cost you around Rs 30 – 35k.
      Best wishes.

      1. fazal bahi ,
        i have a good diana .177 35 air gun with german made telescope
        want to sale

  4. Thnx for the information can you guide me is there any dealer in Peshawar , Islamabad, Lahore and pindi from whome i can buy crossman or dasy brand in .22


    1. Go to Neela Gumbad in Lahore. Lots of shops there, you can find one.
      In Peshawar as from Mazhar Alam. Don’t know about Pindi or Isloo.

  5. Gun is very very great.I like it very much.from where I can buy easily from pakistan.I live in gujranwala.
    Give me information on numbr and information 0312-xxxxxxx

  6. i want to purchase a telescope which fit on my rifal diana 35 modal anyone plz help me my cell no is 0314 xxxxxxx

    1. You can buy a telescope from Lahore. I would recommend an original Bushnell or a Gamo. Do not go for cheap Chinese ones. In Lahore Buksh Elahee sells accessories for Diana. Also you can get original mounts for Diana. Good luck!

      1. helo sir,kindly ap ye bata sktay hain ke neela gumbad LAHORE main kis side pr hai.i want to buy a gamo whisper X-air gun…plz sir help me….

      2. Please check from the shop in front of PARA in Neela Gumbad. It is run by a Pathan gentleman. Also check from National Traders in the same plaza.

  7. i want to buy a second hand imported gun like diana,

    Please if you have then call me 0322xxxxxxxx

  8. AOA.

    nmafzal , brother i am new in this hobby can you please guide me.

    I have spent a lot of time in forms collecting info about air guns .like PAK GUNS.COM
    most of people there are going with gamo shadow 1000 they said 1000 is good and accurate etc. but i like Gamo Whisper X after a saw these pics NOW i want you to tell me that is there any difference between shadow and whisper except the body (design) i am asking about performance ?


    1. Zain, Whisper has a better ergonomic design and a sound dampener. Other than this there is very little difference between the two. Go for any of them. These are good guns.

    1. contect 03235xxxxxx
      for air guns

      Note: Please do not post your cell number. The blog is meant for info sharing not for posting ads. Thanks

      1. In pakistan we cant trust dealers.may be parts of gun replaced with used parts such as spring.its also posible that may be its a copy of gamo locally made in pakistan or china

  9. Aslamo Alikum.I am new in this.your effort is very good as well as full of information.i have shadow1000.i want to know which pellet is good for hunting dove.thank u sir

    1. Many thanks for liking my post. I believe any pellet can be used for hunting doves, but when you want precision and “one shot kill” then always go for the best. Please read this range report on a very friendly gun forum, it highly recommends Gamo Pro Magnum. Your Gamo Shodow has to be .22, isn’t it?
      Best wishes.

  10. Nice air gun.Brother do we need to get a licence for these airguns in Pakistan?What’s the max. caliber that i can own with out bothering about a licence.?
    Kind regards.

    1. Thanks. You do not need a license for Air guns. Air guns are available in .177 and .22 caliber, in Pakistan. But .22 is more popular. You will require a license for any forearm though, but not air guns.

  11. salam
    sir where can i buy this air gun in Lahore????? plz tell me about its dealers in Lahore. or ya gun hunting k lya kase ha?????

  12. sir me gun purchze krna chahta hn 30k tak ppl guide konci gun behtr rhy gi qk me guns k mutaiq kuch nahi janta

    1. If you have 30k, I would say add 5k more and go for Diana 35. Otherwise Gamo Whisper is a good gun. Also you can get Gamo Shadow 100 for around 18k.

      1. Yes Diana is better in quality. Also it will last longer. But Gamo is a good air gun. If you are on a budget go for Gamo. I have been using it for last two years.

  13. AoA nmAfzal sab Gamo whisper X ki shoot range kitni he or ab is ki price kia hen market mein .or kia scope bi sath hoti he !
    BSA mercury kesi gun he??
    sir Naraz nahi hona apsy ik wqk mein kafi sawal puch liye hen

    1. Gamo whisper is good for 25 to 30 M. It should available for 20 thousand, depending on where you are located. Scope you will have to buy extra. Some vendors do sell scopes also. BSA Mercury is a good gun.

      1. sir kia BSA Mercury gun Gamo whisper x sy behtr he ??? or market mein BSA Mercury ka rate kia he ?

  14. dear sir Nmafzal m interested in hunting and I wana purchase Air gun please help me which gun is best for me I am totally new person in this field so I don’t know anything about Air gun

    1. Hello Shakir,
      with Air guns you can only hunt small game like pigeons, doves or rabbits. If you can afford go for a Diana. Something like Diana 35 Model. It is a good gun. In Air Guns Muzzle velocity (MV) defines the power of the rifle. If you can get a gun that has 700 foot per second or above MV, go for it. Diana will be a little costly as compared to Gamo. Gamo Shadow 1000, or Gamo Whisper X should cost between 18,000 to 20,000. For Diana add 5 to 7000 more. And a telescope will cost you extra money. Search the Internet for various models of Diana and Gamo looking at their specs (specially MV). Then make your choice. Depending on which city you are located, the price may vary. Best wishes, 🙂

  15. Sir it would be much appreciated if you could shed some light on the carrying or movement of air rifles within the country. For example what are my rights being an owner and in possession of an air rifle lets say with me in my car and being stopped at a check point or something. (I live in Islamabad).

    Also do i need a hunting license to hunt with my air rifle?

    1. In Pakistan you do not need any license for an Air Gun. But with hindsight I say it is better not to carry an air gun in your car openly. I mean you can place it in the boot or even under the seat. Some air guns are now shaped like automatic weapons or even sniper rifles, so why take a risk. I don’t think you need a hunting license for Air gun. I haven’t heard of one.

  16. sir original gamo whisper x ke pehchan kiya he ?? ajkal market mein gamo ki copy boht aa rahi hen….

    1. Dear, I am not sure about any fake Gamo. If you have seen any please share details. Normally Gamo has a small user manual inside it. The packing is a card board box. Other than this it is a good quality gun which I think local craftsmen cannot make. Also it is a synthetic stock, which local gun makers cannot make.

  17. Dear M Afzal Bro u have spare front sights with airgun i am interested to bought one of them can u sell it to me please.. i am in lahore or ship it to lahore…that will be great pleasure for me.

      1. اسلام و علیکم بھایی میں ایک ائیر گن قیمت تقریبا ۱۰۰۰ سے ۱۰۰۰۰ تک ہو براہ مہر بانی معلومات فراہم کریں (ضلع شیخوپورہ) جزاک اللہ خیرا

      2. Waas. You can buy a Pakistani Rainbow which is made in Sialkot and is a copy of Diana. But I would not recommend that. For aroung Rs 10,000 you can buy a Chinese Air gun. There are under lever Chinese models and a few new ones with Fiber optic sights. Or a used Gamo, if you are lucky! 🙂

      3. Hi there,
        Would you please tell us if we can buy any PCP guns in Pakistan and if avaiable somewhere than for how much?
        Especially some good mades
        Daystate Mk4 IS .22
        Daystate air ranger .22
        And if there are any medium to big game rifles avaiable in Pakistan like

        Benjamin marauder .25
        Daystate wolverine .303
        Benjamin Rogue .357

        If you are just by any chance unable to assist on this topic than please refer to any other forum/person in Pakistan.
        Would pay a decent amount of money for a daystate air ranger .22 PCP

        minimum I am expecting for an air ranger is at least 60k.

        All suggestions and criticism are welcomed.

    1. Brother, I am not sure but I think you should try going to the area surrounding Bedian Road. I have also heard that wild hare is found in abundance in Changa Manga. Best regards

  18. Thanks very much nmafzal bhai or please hunting license k baray mein bta dein kidhar say banta hei or kitnay pessay lagtay hein.

  19. Salam friends, I’m willing to buy Gamo whisper X at Karachi. Is it worthed item in 20k and you all recommand the GAMO WHISPER X, kindly reply , thnx

    1. It all depends on you. There are cheaper rifles available and then there are pricey ones. If you want a mid range go for Gamo, a better one go for Diana and cheaper one then its a Chinese. But yes if you talk about value for money then Gamo gives good value for money.
      Cheers 🙂

      1. Thanks nmafzal for reply,, i have decided for Gamo whiper X so i’ll go for it.. Regards.

  20. Salam, NM AFZAL as we discussed earlier about Gamo whisper X that it good rifle, please tell me what type & company you do recommend for .22 pellet ( for whisper X ) in the lieu of accuracy and maximum range so i’ll get at the same time. thanks for help. SALIM

  21. nmafzal bhai please mujhay gamo blacku fusion model k baray mein btaein k gamo ka kesa model hei accuracy or performance k hisaab say? Market say kitnay mein millay gi?

    1. It is very similar to Gamo Whisper. Gamo guns have good accuracy. Its muzzle velocity is around 970 fps which is quite good. You should check the shops in Neela Gumbad, Lahore.

  22. Dear Afzal Sb
    AOA. I am Kamran from Lahore and very much fond of air gun hunting. I hv been using B3-1 for last 20 years but now I will replace it with Gamo or Diana. After seeing your experience in hunting, I like to know that:
    1. Which birds are prohibited in our region for hunting.
    2. Where can I find wild hare for hunting.
    3. Is there any hunters association in Lahore to join for experience sharing.

    There are a lot of more questions but will share with you next time.

    Thank you and regards.


  23. Request friends I want air gun for black teater and chakor can I hunt with this gun please help me

  24. aoa
    i have a gamo cfx royal.
    which one is a best gamo cfx royal or gamo whisper X
    plz guide me

    1. There is no best. It all depends on you. However, you can make a comparison based on muzzle velocity. If the MV is more it means the gun is more powerful and will be able to hit the target at a greater distance.

  25. slaam sir , I am from Rahim yar khan .I wanna get information about Benjamin trail NP XL 725 .25 caliber air rifle.What’s it’s price in Pakistan and where can i buy it in Rahim Yar khan or Bahawalpur or Lahore .Is that best for hunting ducks(murghabi) or teal and doves ????
    i need these information cause now a days i got 2 much interested in Air rifles .

    please reply me .

  26. Salam Afzal … m ny 2 din phly e Gamo whisper X li h kindly mjy btaaaye is m shalug kis company k us kis nbr k use krn… aur yeah b btaaaye k iski range kahan tk h yeah doves pigion murghaabi wgera ko kitny faaasly sy gira skti h … aur is pr telescope kon c use krn…. aur center point 4/16 telescope k rate ka koi idea h k kahan tk sale ho ri h…. reply me plzzzzz. Regard MUQADDAM

      1. Sir kindly tell me the shop adress or any mobile no at peshawar from where i purchase it

  27. I need gamo whispr x or gamo shadow 1000 in rawalpindi . where i can find it in rawalpindi?on which rate.

  28. sir ap ne mera fone number kyun diya he add me ? Why sir ? My fone number 0333xxxxxxx kya dushmani he apki mujse jo mera number is webside pe diya he log muje fone calls karte rehte he

  29. Salam brothers! I have done some research and find out that whisper x in .177 is 1200 fps approx and .22 is 938 fps would you give us some info on that or the velocity in Pakistan varies from’s website thank you!

    1. Walekum as Salam..177 will have more mv as compared to.22 because of smaller projectile for same spring strength. It’s very logical 😀

  30. Sir, I have a Diana 35 air rifle and it is going good,but it is very noisy..So would you please help me out in picking up a gun which is quite and silent and as powerful as diana 35…. I will be very thankul to you.. Actually i am so much confused.. I dont want to pay more than 30k.

    1. Diana 35 is a good air rifle. If you want something quiet go for a PCP but these are expensive as compared to springers. Gamo Whisper X is also a good choice. Cheers

  31. Thank you for reviewing it. Bought it today from Rawalpindi in 16,500 brand new. My cousin is a pro hunter his got friend in this industry he got me one in reasonable price.

  32. i bought one for 17500 from toss show at Islamabad and paid 700 for 2 different types of pellet but now i am thing where to use it and what will be a good hunting place for a learner like me

    1. Hunting season has started. You can hunt for doves and pigeons. Its a lot of fun. But air gun is sheer pleasure, you can make a target in your backyard and do plinking. Cheers

  33. If anyone is interested in buying gamo wisper x .22 cal in RWP ISB just gimme a text i wanna sale my slightly used gamo.
    Zero three three two five seven six two six six four

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