Book Review: Confessions of a New York Taxi Driver

Confessionsof a New York Taxi driver

May your best days be yet unseen,

And may all your lights be green.

Eugene Salomon is New Taxi driver commonly called as a cabbie, with over thirty years of driving experience on the streets of NY, or Big Apple as they call it. What sets him apart form most cabbies is that he is a native, contrary to present practice where most cabbies are immigrants from all over the world (with people from India and Pakistan making it to the list). I found this book at an  outlet of Liberty Books, Karachi and  bought it on instinct (after having read the title, didn’t even leaf through the pages). Well most books I buy are on instinct! And I haven’t for a page regretted buying it. This cabbie has a lot of stories to tell, and some are interesting ones, indeed.

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That crazy place called Times Square


There is at least one crazy place on Earth called as Times Square. It lies in the Manhattan District of New York city. Times Square is one place which never sleeps, or at least I have never seen it closed be it day or night. If it is day time you will find people in droves going from one place to another, cabbies honking horns, music at full blast, live dance performances, artists making the famous New York skyline using spray paint, people selling all kinds of stuff, Chinese artists who will make your pencil sketch for $ 5, food, drinks, music and anything one can imagine. If its night time, the scene will be no different, only more lively because at night time the lights make the scene even brighter, the huge screens adorning the buildings showing ads, songs and the latest movie trailers look really amazing. Be sure to find people of all races, cartoon figures in costumes, lights, discos, gentlemen’s clubs, bars, restaurants, its simply amazing. There’s shopping malls selling clothes, apparel, shoes, kids toys stores, to me it looked like a live 24/7 circus. That’s why I called Times Square, “one crazy place!” Enjoy the pics 🙂

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An act of kindness never goes waste


In case you are wondering what this is all about, let me explain, or narrate please. They say an act of kindness never goes waste, no matter how small. I believe this to be very true. So it was my first day at this hotel in Rochester and I had just finished my breakfast. Before leaving for work I went to my room to pick up by office bag.

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