Walther TPH .25 ACP

If anything these impulsive purchases promise to burn a hole in the pockets of gun enthusiasts. The Walther TPH in .25 ACP is another one of my favorite pocket pistols. Small, light weight, reliable and accurate, what more can one ask for. Although there is a huge debate on the effectiveness of the .25 ACP, nevertheless pocket pistols are very good back up guns. So this thing, I literally fell for it. A small review and pictorial follows…



Caliber:   .25 ACP

Length: 5.3″

Width:   .91″

Height:   3.7″

Barrel length: 2.8″

Weight: 325 gms

Sights:   Fixed

Safety:   De-cocker

Action:  Single Action/Double Action

Magazine Capacity: 6 rounds, single stack


The Walther TPH is a simple blow back pistol. The barrel is fixed just like the Walther PPk or the Makarov pistols. Very simple design and easy to disassemble. The pistol comes with fixed front and rear sights, it has de-cocker safety mechanism. By engaging safety the hammer drops and renders the trigger free. By disengaging the safety it operates in double action mode. The pistol is SA/DA. Main advantages are small size and simple design. The German pistols are made of Aluminum alloy, those by Interarms are made of Stainless steel.





The disassembly is very simple, just like the Makarov.



Fixed front and rear sights.



See the safety/de-cocker which can be engaged with thumb.



Small in size and big in performance.

I have fired a few dozen rounds off it without a hiccup. Normally .22 LR and .25 ACP are known to be ammo sensitive, this one has eaten S&B and Magtech ammo. These pistols are rare, but if you can find one today it will come at a price. It comes with two magazines, and gives you 12 rounds anytime. Pretty decent thing to have. Cheers

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