CZ 45 pistol, “The Lilliputian Wonder”

So on my last visit to the famous “Darra Bazaar” in Darra Adam Khel, I happened to come by this little monster of a gun, the CZ 45. The result was an impulsive purchase which was quite manageable. The CZ 45 is a semi-auto ,blow-back pistol chambered in . 25 ACP, developed by the famous Czech firearms company Česká Zbrojovka. It is a very small handgun which in my opinion falls in the category of “mouse guns”, very small, very light, ultra-concealable and reliable. This is a no bells and whistles handgun that you can hide in your shirt or trousers pocket without leaving an impression or trace that you are actually carrying a firearm. The pistol was developed somewhere in 1945 and is being produced to this day.



Caliber:   .25 ACP

Length: 5″

Width:   .61″

Height:   3.5″

Sights:   None, just a groove on the top, it plain old point and shoot 🙂

Safety:   None

Action:  Double Action

Magazine Capacity: 8 rounds, single stack (comes with only 1 mag)

There isn’t much to write about this little gun except that its biggest advantage is its small size. Made by CZ I think it should be reliable, although I have to try it out on the range. There is no safety, the double action action trigger makes up for it. A friend once told me to be careful with this gun as it has a reputation of going off on being chambered as there is no firing pin block. Also it need to be tried on a variety of ammo to ascertain its sensitivity to different kinds of ammo. It can be a very good back up gun, equally good for ladies, though frankly I intend wearing it on my waist during walk and jog trips, only after trying it out on the range. At Rs. 18,000 it is the cheapest gun available I suppose (imported that is!). Although the ammo is a whopping Rs 120 per pop. Enjoy the photos 🙂





The grip in this gun is “desi” i suppose because the quality sucks big time :0(



“Size does matter :-)”







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