CZ 45 pistol, “The Lilliputian Wonder”

So on my last visit to the famous “Darra Bazaar” in Darra Adam Khel, I happened to come by this little monster of a gun, the CZ 45. The result was an impulsive purchase which was quite manageable. The CZ 45 is a semi-auto ,blow-back pistol chambered in . 25 ACP, developed by the famous Czech firearms company Česká Zbrojovka. It is a very small handgun which in my opinion falls in the category of “mouse guns”, very small, very light, ultra-concealable and reliable. This is a no bells and whistles handgun that you can hide in your shirt or trousers pocket without leaving an impression or trace that you are actually carrying a firearm. The pistol was developed somewhere in 1945 and is being produced to this day.



Caliber:   .25 ACP

Length: 5″

Width:   .61″

Height:   3.5″

Sights:   None, just a groove on the top, it plain old point and shoot 🙂

Safety:   None

Action:  Double Action

Magazine Capacity: 8 rounds, single stack (comes with only 1 mag)

There isn’t much to write about this little gun except that its biggest advantage is its small size. Made by CZ I think it should be reliable, although I have to try it out on the range. There is no safety, the double action action trigger makes up for it. A friend once told me to be careful with this gun as it has a reputation of going off on being chambered as there is no firing pin block. Also it need to be tried on a variety of ammo to ascertain its sensitivity to different kinds of ammo. It can be a very good back up gun, equally good for ladies, though frankly I intend wearing it on my waist during walk and jog trips, only after trying it out on the range. At Rs. 18,000 it is the cheapest gun available I suppose (imported that is!). Although the ammo is a whopping Rs 120 per pop. Enjoy the photos 🙂





The grip in this gun is “desi” i suppose because the quality sucks big time :0(



“Size does matter :-)”







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2 thoughts on “CZ 45 pistol, “The Lilliputian Wonder””

  1. I really like small guns, they are like jewelry. The CZ45 is a very simple designed gun. Mine was likely imported into the US prior to the gun control act of 1968.
    While the CZ45 has been supplanted by modern guns of similar size and more effective cartridge, the stout little pistol draws my attention. It is a rare gun to be found in the US.
    I have fired mine and it has proved reliable. I have not had any issues with it discharging while chambering. Mine was made in 1947.


    1. I totally agree on the small size. In fact what I believe is if you can’t conceal or carry a gun then it’s of little use. I really liked this one. Got wooden grips made just recently.
      I have another very small pistol in 25 ACP, the Walther. Very small, simple blow back design. It’s good to know you had fun with your CZ 😀


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