The Hummingbird’s nest

A couple of weeks back I saw a strange mess of loose grass hanging with a telephone wire, right outside my bedroom window. On closer inspection, I found it to be a Hummingbird’s nest, in the making. I spent a couple of minutes observing the tiny creature busy in constructing the nest. The nest itself was made of loose grass, pieces of thread and mango bugs!! There was only one way of photographing the bird, and that was by placing the camera lens on the wire gauze (meant for fly-proofing the house). A normal camera wouldn’t do the job so out came my Android smartphone. In order to make the shots I had to align the lens in one of the wire gauze openings at a very acute angle, then enable the flash and finally I was able to photograph the bird and its nest. (There was no other way I could do it, as it would disturb the bird).

A few snaps later, I found I was deeply involved in a the whole affair. So over the nest15 or more days I snapped more than 300 pics of the bird in action, three to four times a day. The kids made fun of me and the wife joked about it. Nay, I wouldn’t give up. A couple of times I was able to capture the bird in action, in air. Wow! Simply beautiful. Then about a week back we had strong winds in Lahore and as I woke from my siesta I found the bird’s nest laying on the ground :-( What to do, what to do? The poor thing came a couple of times hovered in the area and went away. That’s when I decided todo something.

So I inspected the nest, no eggs in there, Thank God. Took a strong yarn, ran it through the nest and hung the nest back in its place. The next few days I did not findthe bird, no sir, no sign of it. Then on the third day after early morning prayers, I heard its chrip, I rushed to the window and there she was, nicely sitting in the nest and ready to lay eggs. Man was I happy. Now I have declared it a no go area. I believe she has now laid the eggs and we really don’t want to disturb the thing. I am attaching a few pics, and if you look closely you might be able to spot the bird in a few, hovering in air or busy in constructing her nest.

I must say God Almighty has blessed these animals with intelligence of a different kind. One is amazed at how she would build the nest piece by piece, thread by thread. A very very industrious bird I must say. Most of the work was done by the female, which is brown in color. The male is Black and more beautiful. A number of times I found the bird sitting inside the nest, spinning the grass with its beak. Sometimes testing its strength. The bird is an architect and a builder, both.


IMAG0175     IMAG0179

             In the beginning

IMAG0216     IMAG0292

          Hovering around the nest

IMAG0248L              IMAG0306L

      A close up                                          The accident

IMAG0313     IMAG0315

       Laying eggs… finally                             The long beak out of the nest

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