Theme Review: ClassiPress for WordPress

WordPress is the best Content Management System (CMS) out there, its not a statement,Wordpress300 its my conviction.WordPress offers so much flexibility that one is simply amazed. I decided to try the ClassiPress Theme for WordPress. I had since long being planning to make a free classified ads website but lacked the expertise to do all that coding etc. This review will hopefully help people who want to start a similar website with minimal effort.

ClassiPress is basically a theme which you can install on a self hosted WordPress blog. It has been created by AppThemes. They also have themes for running a Job search portal called as JobRoller and a theme for sharing coupons with anyone. This is what you need to do in order to install ClassiPress.

1.   Get some space from a hosting service provider.

2.   Get a domain name.

3.   Manually install WordPress.

4.   Purchase ClassiPress from AppThemes.

5.   Configure it and start marketing it.


How much does it cost?It costs $100 to purchase the ClassiPress theme, and you can install multiple copies of it. This means you can use this theme for as many websites as you want. However, if you want the developer version that will cost you $ 150. This also includes lifetime updates for both the categories. Still if you want all the themes in all categories then its going to cost you from $ 249 to $349 including lifetime updates.

How to Configure ClassiPress?Configuration is quite easy and the AppThemes forums provide support. They have also made video tutorials which make the configuration real easy.

Can Plugins be Installed?Yes since it works on WordPress so you can install any plugin. ClassiPress also recommends a list of plugins that you should install for smooth functioning of the website.

How to make Payment?You can use Google Checkout, Moneybookers or PayPal.

A word about user experience.Since I have been using WordPress for quite sometime so I found no problems installing or configuring the ClassiPress theme. If you are new to WordPress it will take you very little time to start using it, since WordPress by itself is really easy to use. You can apply AdSense ads instantly. You can also display other ads after installing plugins. The support staff is really helpful, something which is quite rare, nowadays. All newer versions are free of charge, for life. The images are added instantly, and resized automatically. You can make unlimited categories and subcategories for various items you want to sell. Various fields can be configured for making the search easy like city, telephone, numbers etc. The ClassiPress theme can be configured in ten colors depending on one’s choice. You can choose to charge your clients for placing ads or make it totally free. Users have to signup to place ads. A blog can also be enabled so that you can blog about issues relating to your portal.You can choose to allow them to post ads directly or edit them yourself before posting them. Ads can be placed for as little a few days to a year or more, so there’s a lot of flexibility in this field. The interface is really cool and impressive, you won’t feel that you are using WordPress, its like any other website.

You can view the ClassiPress live demo here and a very impressive showcase of various ClassiPress based portals here. For more info you can visit the AppThemes website.

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