Have you tried Firefox on Android?

Firefox for Android is free to download and use. Before this I have been using Opera Mini for Android and found it to be very user friendly. Firefox lets you have tabbed browsing on your Android device. It takes a whopping 17 MB so you better have enough space on your smartphone or tablet before installing it. But what I liked most about Firefox is the ability to sync my Laptop and smartphone. So now all my tabs, bookmarks, accounts info and even history in synchronized on both devices. This way I do not have a problem when I am using Firefox at home on the lappy or during move in my car.

Its really nice having the Firefox icon adorn my smartphone’s screen. The various tabs look like this.


And here’s a view of the Bookmarks synchronized with my laptop. I do not have to type in passwords every time I use the smartphone to access forums or for checking email.


My frequently accesses websites also appear under a tab as Top Sites.


To open a page in a new tab I long click a link and select “Open in a new tab”. And to access the new I click on the drop down aroow to select the desired tab from multiple tabs. See the screen shot.


I can even save the pages as PDF, Bookmark them, reload them or even share them. Also I can clear site settings, add add-ons, see my active downloads, access settings and quit the browser by selecting Menu from the Menu key while running Firefox. It is pretty much like using Firefox on my Laptop.

shot_000018                   shot_000024

You can download Firefox for Android from Google Play for free. Just try it out and you won’t be disappointed.

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