On loosing a dear and near one

We humans are mortals. We are born, we live, eat, grow, work, and then die. It is but natural. We know we will die but somehow we prefer to ignore this reality.  It is only after we loose a near and dear one that we realize that death is so much a reality. And that there is no escaping it. It is just a matter of time when I and you will be no more. And that people will remember us they way we remember or mention those who have passed away before our very eyes. We are mortals yet we refuse to believe that we are.

A few weeks ago I lost my aunt. She was a victim of Liver failure. A brave woman who was very loving and caring at the same time a very good teacher. One who is still remembered by her students with a lot of reverence. She was indeed the finest example of a human being.

For a long time after my father’s death I haven’t lost a near relative and the passing away of my aunt hurt me real bad. And more so the fact that she is no more. I mean, one day you are sitting with a person and the next day he or she is gone. There are things you wishes you had said to the person, things you wanted to talk about, but alas you just cannot. For the person is not there. Seems surreal.

Just two days before her death she telephoned me and told me to meet her as she wanted to talk about something. I think she knew her time was near. As luck would have it, by the time I went to meet her she was already in the hospital. I met her, she just nodded, smiled and drifted off to sleep. A day after that she went in to coma and the next day she died. While I blame myself for not meeting her in time to hear whatever she wanted to say to me, at the same time I wished there was a way to talk to her now. But that is not possible now. I feel bad about it, real bad. May she rest in peace. Whatever, she wanted to talk to me about will remain a mystery, forever. 

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