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[wpforms id=”4590″] 40 plus….loner……foodie….day dreamer….bibliophile…..gun freak….peace loving….smitten by wanderlust….happy go lucky….tea junkie….coffee lover….once in a while movie goer….laid-back blogger with no interest in politics….Happy reading!  :-)





33 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Dear Nauman
    This is Naeem from CCK, nice blog and if you want to write something for my website than you are welcome too. Our audience is in Canada and USA.
    Naeem Rabbani


  2. …..and i never knew, while searching for my A600 factory reset, i will come across a post by this man !!!!!:) the man who has taught us so many other things; things that are more important than technologies..

    keep up the good work!

    Allah bless you always.


  3. You are welcome to the largest readership news blog Pakistan Times Online of any think tank any where in the world at http://pakistantimesonline.blogspot.com having over 90,000 visitors in 15 months from across the globe. Over 50% from the US alone; rest from Europe, Central Asia and South Asia. You can comment on any of the posts you like or send us your article for posting there. Conditions apply.


  4. Just stumbled upon you, the word loner made me stop and see.I too am a loner but not by choice.Love pomfret and words too.I donno what you blog about, I like reading and talking about english novels, urdu shairi and old hindi songs. Happy writing to you.


  5. Just stumbled upon your blog, the word loner made me stop and see. I too am a loner but not by choice, I love words and yes pomfret too. Love to read and discuss English novels, Urdu shairi and old Hindi songs.Happy writing to you.


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I believe no one is a loner by choice. We are born like this, destined to be loners 🙂
      I try to find happiness in the smaller things, in my life.


  6. Hey, just took the liberty of mentioning your blog nomination in my latest post. Feel free to check out 🙂 Thanks.


  7. I read your book review of “Undeclared Water War on Pakistan” by Dr Iqbal Ali. The review is really eye opening. It is a wake-up call for me. Believe me after reading the review, I could make out why India does not agree to plebiscite in Kashmir and wants to keep its occupation over Kashmir. IT IS FOR CONTROL OF WATER.
    Going through the review, it seems that those who have been ruling Pakistan were bribed to let India take the advantages, as stated in the book. I do not see any other reason for the attitude demonstrated by them.
    Kashmir is certainly the lifeline for Pakistan. The future of Pakistan depends on it. However, people like me and you are busy with marginal matters having little value, whereas, any efforts made for Kashmir cause may have the best return.
    Please write on this subject, how educated youth can contribute towards the cause of Kashmir.


      1. Dear N M Afzal,Thanks for your response.You are doing greatood job. I appreciate it.Recently, I came across a website (http://www.pakalumni.com/) Mt Riyazul Haq is also doing good job. Please visit the site and if you reach to the same conclusion as mine, spread the word about the site.Best of regards,Rustam


  8. Hi! My name is Nishat and I am a representative of Daastan. I am currently a literary activist at Daastan and also started my literary fellowship with the same platform. (www.Daastan.com)
    Daastan is a platform for writing, freelancing and competing (fellowships and competitions). It is now registered as publishers. We need you to collaborate with us. We need your help. You, as a blogger, are crucial for us. If you are willing to help us through your blog, we would be very grateful.
    Thank you for your consideration.


  9. Dear Nauman
    I work for a company that helps bloggers and publishers increase their viewership through our special tools and strategies. I need to contact you regarding that urgently. Could I please have your email id?


  10. Dear Nauman,

    I would like to do a sponsored post or acquire a link from your site, since I think it’s relevant.

    Is this something you accept?

    Let me know what you think and how we can work together.

    Also let me know what the rates are for a sponsored post or for a link in an existing post.




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