Is this the first ever P80 Glock in Pakistan?

Hi! So I got a chance to see this P80 based Glock 19 which might be the first ever P80 based Glock in Pakistan. Or maybe the first ever I have seen. For starters let me say, it is a mean looking machine, no doubts about it. The owner has taken lots of efforts in acquiring the parts and then putting them together. Sure enough Glocks have a cult status in Pakistan. People will like to own one, no matter what, those that can afford will got for an original, the lesser privileged ones will get a Desi Plock! Then there’s the more enthusiastic ones that will go to great lengths in collecting parts and putting one together.



This particular P80 based Glock 19 has a threaded barrel by Zev Technologies, oh I am impressed, the slide is also by Zev.




See the RMR optic cut!





Did someone say anything about a Strike Industries compensator?



Hot indeed!




Internals were bought separately.




Here’s a view of the innards.






And finally the Trijicon suppressed night sights.


I cannot imagine the difficulties with which these parts were collected. It sure takes a hell lot of time and effort, not to mention the monies one has to spend to get these things here. In the end, he’s been able to put together an awesome handgun. But then I am forced to ask this question why can’t these things be available here easily? Cannot someone in the USA export these? Cannot these be imported here? Cannot these guns be put together over here? It makes business sense to me. Afterall gun-smitthing is no alien thing to people here in Pakistan. Then why can’t good quality cheap guns be made here? I hope someday, someone is able to change all this. Cheers!

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