Makarov copy, Pakistan made

There’s nothing very fascinating about a pistol being copied. To me its like duping people. In fact it is very much like that. So when a friend showed me this Makarov, I chided him for getting it blued fresh and devaluing it considerably. That is when he told me it was a local copy, I will prefer to call it a “Pakarov” 🙂 I have seen desi Makarovs, they were nothing impressive to speak about, and about performance nothing could be said. However, now that CNC machines are being used en masse and craftsmen have learned how to copy any pistol, a Makarov was natural, considering its demand in recent years. In fact it will not be incorrect to say that Makarov was and has always been an underrated pistol in Pakistan. It was regarded just another military surplus pistol by almost everyone. But then when imports were banned five years ago, people looked for alternative options. A military surplus Makarov, sounded perfect. That is when the local industry started copying them using CNC machines. So here’s the review or a comparison of the desi and an original Makarov.

Need less to say it a well made copy, the finish it impressive, the grip very close to the original bakelite, very hard to make out if this is an original or a copy.



Even the serrations on the slide are perfect. The rear sight and the hammer, everything looks original.



When asked about the quality of the grip I was told the it is in fact bakelite. I wonder how it was made?




Even the lanyard ring is close to perfection.




Here’s a side by side comparison of the fake (left) and original 1949 model (right cerakoted) Makarov



This is most probably a copy of the 1988 Makarov.



See the front view.



The top view showing both the copy and the original. The rear and front sight are impressive.



Here’s a view of the bottom 🙂 The magazine in the copy is original. I believe they used original magazines because Darra boys cannot make good quality springs.




Here’s a side view of both pistols. The slide stop worked flawlessly, so did the decocker/safety. See the serial number. The trigger reset was just as an original pistol Makarov.




Here’s a close up of the markings and serial number. In old days these numbers used to be punched but now with laser engraving machines it can be done to perfection.



Here’s the slide compared. The view doesn’t seem very clear because the copy was oiled quite generously.




This might present a better view. But the quality of finish was really good.




See the inside view of the frame.




The slide removed.




I believe the recoil spring is original. Though I did not fire the pistol but the owner told me it works flawlessly with original ammo.




Here’s another view of the frames side by side.











The copy weighs 650 grams.




The original weighs 661 grams, both weighed without magazine.




Here’s a view of the pistols, the top one is on original Makarov, the bottom one is copy.




So the number of serrations on both the pistols are same, unlike the 1949 model. The bottom one is an abused Makarov but original.


So how do you guys feel about it? I have seen copies of Makarov pistols but this one is really well made. The owner told me it is very difficult to  make out original form copy, as is evident. The owner has fired with this pistol using Chinese ammo and says it works well. But then who can guarantee its performance over time? One cannot be sure of its reliability. Or even safety. Besides the public needs to be careful when buying Makarovs now. Well made copies will illude even expert eyes. Copies might sell for a few thousand rupees but will never impress me. 



Here’s a photo of the barrel rifling.

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