Grapefruit juice ~ what a refreshing drink

Being a tea and coffee person isn’t unusual nowadays. In fact most of us are craving that daily fix first thing in the morning. For me a hot steaming cup of tea starts my day, it wakes me up and helps me think clearly, if at all 🙂  And I am not much of a juice person, even though my favorite author Khushwant Singh once wrote that the best way to start a day was by having a glass of Grapefruit juice.

So then, on may way to office one day I spotted this small “thela” that sells fresh juices. On instinct the car was stopped and a glass of fresh grapefruit juice was ordered. It turned out to be the most refreshing experience, ever. The cool slightly sour liquid, light orange in color, taken with a tinge of salt had a magical effect on my senses. I could literally feel it going down my throat and spreading far and wide in my oesophagus, as if clearing up the muck that was clogging the way. It sure felt good and a lot more. They say it helps in reducing weight and fat, filters the whole system (kidneys included) etc etc, but I’m really not worried about that at least for now. To me what really made sense was the instant feeling of elation that this super liquid gave me. It revitalized the senses and put on an instant high (don’t get any wrong ideas here 🙂 )

So the daily cup of tea now is taken in the office, five days a week. The day starts with milk, eggs and honey. On the way to office (five days a week) grapefruit juice is gulped down (music blaring off course) and the man is on instant high. Try it ladies and gents, for a hundred rupees a glass it isn’t a bad deal,  you’ll love it.

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