Road Poetry – IV






My daily commute to the office is a crisp 60 minutes drive, one way! The way back is another 60 minutes plus minus a few minutes depending on how lucky or unlucky I am on that particular day. During these 60 minutes a lot of interesting things happen, for instance there’s this Policeman who often gets a free ride and talks incessantly about the good old times, there’s a small girl and her toddler brother who sometimes I drop off at their school gate, I listen to the FM, I see people in a hurry, I have been able to memorize the exact location of three distinct big dips in the middle of the road which could on a bad day burst a car’s tyre or even throw an unlucky biker off balance, I see the 200 foot Pakistani flag near H-10 sector in Islamabad fluttering (mostly), I listen to FM 89, 106.2 and so many other radio channels, and I try to cut off nobody, repeated nobody. But most important of all I hunt for road poetry and bumper stickers for my blog. On finding one, I get my cellphone camera ready and try to close in on the target and with one hand snap the pic. Something, of  which I am proud and have achieved quite a mastery in. So a few days back saw this bumper sticker, which I believe is custom and says, “Zindagi or dost kabhi wafa nahi kartay.” If translated in to English using my limited vocabulary it means, “Life and friends are never faithful.”

I agree about life but about friends well I guess this bloke never had a good one, or may be he got ditched many times. What do you guys think? Drop me a line I would love to listen to you. Cheers!

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3 thoughts on “Road Poetry – IV”

  1. I am not much of a social person. Couldn’t say I have friends, nobody to go out with, gossips or laughter. Mostly because I am too lazy. and making friends sounds like a lot of work.

    But on other hand, my brother has a quite list of friends, Awesome people. They have been communicating with each other for last 15/16 years while being on different corners of the globe now. They get to together at chances available. They share, laugh and enjoy. It’s amazing to see them together.

    In my opinion, I will find a quality friend if I have a bit of quality in myself. Simple as that. I Just can’t transform the whole concept of something so precious like friendship only because of my pathetic self or experience. Not fair.
    —- Hey Nauman – Good read.


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