Twelve tips to live long and be happy



I am forced to share this section from Khushwant Singh’s last book Khushwantnama, on how to live and happy and long life. Although Khushwant says that a long life is more a work of genes, sill a happy life can be managed. And normally a happy man/woman lives longer. Hence all this hullaballoo! Smile  Enjoy the post!

1.    Exercise or play a game regularly.

2.   If you cannot exercise get a vigorous massage once a day to improve blood circulation from head to toes.

3.   Maintain a strict routine for meals and do not over eat.

4.   A single peg of malt whisky in the evening revs up the appetite. (Sorry dude can’t do this Smile)

5.   Before dinner, say this to yourself, “ Do not over eat”. Eat alone and in silence.

6.   Stick to one kind of meat or veg. Follow it up with Chooran!

7.   Never allow yourself to be constipated.

8.   Keep a healthy bank balance. Don’t be greedy but have enough to live your life in peace.

9.   Do not lose temper and laugh often.

10.   Don’t lie. Never!.

11.   Give generously!

12.   Do not waste your time praying!!! (Seriously? I don’t agree with this one) Take up a hobby like gardening, music, helping children or people.

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50 plus….loner……foodie….day dreamer….bibliophile…..gun freak….peace loving….smitten by wanderlust….happy go lucky….tea junkie….coffee lover….once in a while movie goer….laid-back blogger with no interest in politics….Happy reading! :-)

9 thoughts on “Twelve tips to live long and be happy”

  1. Great!

    Very useful. I agree with all the points other than the “2” ones you also don’t agree with (like not praying and wisky).

    “Keep a healthy bank balance. Don’t be greedy but have enough to live your life in peace.”

    This one’s biggie!

    Thanks for posting.


  2. Hmmm… I haven’t read his book, but he is a smart man and I can’t imagine he would ask for “do not waste your time praying” without establishing a proper context. In my experience, most people as they get old (and I suspect that is Khuswant’s context as well – although I have not read his book) they start worrying about their good-deeds and try to put an extreme amounts of time in prayers – like excessive nawafil, and tahajjud and what not.

    Now if you have not prayed excessively all your life, it is not going to be easy to do so in old age. I suggest that one should just repent, forget about catching up and just do the regular 5 prayers, as well continue to do other things in life like playing with grand kids, gardening, listening to music, social work and any other thing that gives you pleasure and happiness.


    1. I agree. He called himself an agnostic which means someone who doesn’t deny that God exists and also doesn’t say that God does exist. At the same time I have read him quoting from Quran and Hadith of the Prophet (PBUH), which is quite difficult to understand.


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