Chicken Run; in Pakistan :-)


We are a chicken loving nation. This bird is Pakistan’s favorite bird. No dinner or lunch table is complete until it has chicken laid out on it in various forms, be it roast, curry or fried. In the last few decades chicken has gained momentous popularity as a food item because, Mutton is very expensive and beef is not liked by most except the Pathans. With the introduction of controlled poultry sheds, it is now being mass produced, and consumed. My mother tells me that in the days of yore there was only organic chicken, or as we call it Desi chicken. But now its all Shaver. The bottom line is we love chicken more than anything else.

But that’s not what this post is about. Today’s ramble is about the plight of these birds and in the long run our plight. I saw this van full with live chicken making its way from some farm to a vendor. It had rained a lot, thanks to monsoons and one can clearly see the miserable condition in which these birdies are. I believe some are dead, some half dead and others barely surviving. And sooner or later they are going to be delivered to some vendor who will slaughter them anyway. Only if is he is a God fearing, animal loving, human caring ethical businessman will he not slaughter the dead birds. The chances of this are very less, I believe. And they are going to be sold out to you and me or some fancy restaurant, and ultimately will make their way to the gutter after a short sojourn in our intestines. Dead or alive doesn’t matter. But, who’s to be blamed for this? Is this our duty? The Police? Food inspectors? The Government? I mean who do I turn to for help? I would in all fairness like someday to have a small place where I can grow organic veggies, keep some sheep, Desi birdies a cow maybe and get rid of these Shaver things. Doh!


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One thought on “Chicken Run; in Pakistan :-)”

  1. soon may b a few months Insha Allah Me with a few frieds shall start a project to provide DESI CHIKEN & VEGIES 100% organic with natural growth for people of Rawalpindi & Islamabad on afordable rates


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