Thy inability to say “Yes”

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How often does one feel helpless? That moment when you don’t have control over the situation, that moment of utter despair, that loneliness, helplessness, frustration, anxiousness, that ugly moment? Well frankly that depends on where one is located on this planet, well mostly. Such things do happen to us all, I know that. But then the circumstances vary for everyone. This isn’t philosophy, this is my ramble for the day. Because in my part of the world I experience this feeling whenever I visit a Public (Government) office. And of lately, it has happened while visiting a bank, a courier company, an ATM machine, a public toilet, a parking compound or even a shop.

What I am trying to say is that we have made our lives and the lives of people around us difficult by our “inability to say YES”. You go to a bank to get your Credit card renewed and you are sure to be told that they have run out of cards,”please try the other branch”. You go to the public restroom and it’s a mess there. Try the barber shop and you will hate it for one reason or another. Try the ATM machine, half the time you will loath it. While I have been wondering why is it so only in our part of the world, I am forced to conclude it is because of us, ourselves. We take our jobs easy, its that simple. Service provision (of any sort), courtesy, mannerisms, being helpful to others are alien ideas to us. And its more of our inability to say YES to things that are new. But is helping a customer considered a NEW idea? Why this apathy? Why such a cold attitude? I mean people don’t even return a smile. Man, this Pi**es me off. I am so dismayed. I just wish there was a way to make things better. And the same people when they go to other places I am sure would feel worse for being turned away. So why don’t we all start helping each other and change things for us all? But then how to overcome this “inability to say YES?”

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