The Simplest Marriage Ceremony

Marriage ceremonyImage courtesy of  lekkyjustdoit at

We Pakistanis are a strange lot when it comes to marriages. We work all our lives, saving money for a house, and more importantly for our kids marriages. Not that there’s something wrong with this, but comparing ourselves with animals and birds we’re kind of complicated being the better beings. The other beings for instance take care of their young ones only to let them go their own ways on achieving adulthood, in that they train and equip them with the necessary survival skills. In our case its a little more than that, we feed, train, educate, equip them with the necessary skills and finally marry them off, to lead their lives. But then speaking specifically of our Eastern values, where we are held by strong family bonds its logical to be connected with our kin for life or death. But when comparing ourselves to western nations we fall short of many things and yet gain on many.

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