One way of making a living…

There is one long road that passes through the city of Peshawar. It starts from from Nowshera (even beyond it and ends at the famous Torkham border). Since centuries it is a trade route unlike any. The road is dotted with markets and bazars on either side. Goods that come from Afghanistan (smuggled) make their way to Torkham and beyond. There they are stored in huge godowns all along the road leading from Torkham to where the Jamrud limits end and the city of Peshawar limits start. Goods (smuggled) are then sent down country by various means.

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FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) is FATA because the people of these lands chose it to be FATA. For those of you who  find this comment laughable, well you can’t really fathom it till you have been there, or you belong to this place. I belong to a place which is very near FATA. So in a way I understand the local psyche.

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