A Turkish Tokarev in 12 Gauge!

A 12 Gauge Tokarev!

Hello. I found this 12 Gauge pump action shot gun to be very interesting. Interesting because of its name, Tokarev. For those who aren’t aware Tokarev is the name of famous Russian WW2 pistol chambered in.30 bore. These fearsome 30 bore pistols were and are still known to have great stopping power. In fact the 30 bore is a very potent round.

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Bernardelli 12 Guage Single Barrel Beauty

I am not much of a shotgun guy. Primarily because I don’t hunt much. I have but one Winchester 1300 Defender Pump action shotgun, which is an excellent home defense weapon. Sometime back I got gifted this beautiful single barrel 12 Guage Bernardelli shotgun. It belonged to my late father in law and was passed on to me by his son. It was a pleasant surprise. Also the shotgun was in very good condition considering its age. It is from an era when having a shotgun and a revolver in a house was considered respectable and necessary. It is a beautiful weapon for hunting, because it is fold able, has a safety, and comes with choked barrel. Very good for upland hunting as I have seen people carrying heavy Russian repeaters on hunts. Though it is single barrel so means only one cartridge at one time. But I have seen this has improved my shooting skills, because I know I have just one shot, its either a miss or a hit. So I have ot be very careful. Also I have found it to be a better weapon, because you can’t kill too many birds with this thing ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry to poachers and Facebook hunters, who just want their photo on FB after a hunt, or in other words for people who hunt to get famous on FB and end up killing hundreds of birds without worrying for the bag limit. Anyways, coming back to the shotgun itself, there is a recess in front hand guard perfectly sized to house the trigger guard when folded. This reduces the gun width when folded. All in all its a collector’s item which I wanted to share with you guys. Cheers.