Shopping for plants…


If planting a tree is difficult then buying one is not easy either. I was to discover this last  Sunday. Being day off I wanted to read some book but snuggler coaxed me in to taking her for a shopping spree, only to buy some plants. Dillydallying would not work this time, I was assured as she had been wanting to buy plants for quite sometime. So with cash loaded in to my wallet we went to a nursery of plants only to be surprised by the wide variety of vegetation and flora on sale. Before you read any further I must confess, my knowledge of plants is just as scarce or abundant as that of a third grader. The wife however, told me she had been researching on them over the Internet. So I assumed she obviously knew more.

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Online Shopping experience–TCS Connect


I wanted to buy a cellphone and just did not have the time to visit market for the purpose. Online shopping was the best option, but where to buy it from, was the biggest question. After shortlisting the Huawei Ascend G510 I searched online for websites that offer home delivery. This brought me to TCSConnect . Not knowing much about the website I explored it a little and found the phone listed there.

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Idris Book Bank, Rawalpindi– Shopping experience


On a recent trip to Rawalpindi I went to Idris Book Bank to buy some school books for my daughter. The school books section is located on first floor. I proceeded there and asked the salesman for the required books. He handed me the books and off I went to the counter. The clerk handed me a receipt and told me to collect the books from main counter on ground floor (after making the payment there). I expected someone from the shop to escort me downstairs with a bag full of books to the payment counter. But, instead he placed the contents in a box and pressed a button. The box started its slow descent to the ground floor. It was in fact a small conveyer belt system which they have installed between the ground and first floor counters.  I hurried to downstairs to find the books ready at the counter. Deftly, I made the payment and was handed over the books nicely packed. I was really impressed with their efficiency and service. This is the first time I have seen someone making use to technology to increase efficiency.