School Security Against Terrorist Attacks

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I so badly wanted to write about this issue, School Security considering the two ghastly attacks on our institutions, the first being the Army Public School Peshawar and then the Bacha Khan University. That, why these animals choose to attack our children is a separate issue and one that can be debated at length, this post is purely, “boots on the ground stuff”. That’s because I believe that a small security flaw or over sight can and will result in the loss of many lives. It’s not only the security staff, but also the technology that should be used to toughen the overall security. In writing this I have “‘researched” some of the previous attacks on the various Military/Government as well as  Schools to find the ways in which these macabre acts were carried out.

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The Peshawar APS SChool massacre and its aftermath


APS School

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I am bewildered on where to begin with; should I write about the class 9 student who missed school because he couldn’t wake up as his alarm clock malfunctioned and hence lived to see they day his whole class wiped out, shot dead; or should I write about the girl who played dead amongst her classmates and ran only after the beasts had left her for dead, or maybe about the first year student who was lucky enough to escape and call his parents from a nearby house, or how about the little boy who despite being shot in the chest called his mother and told her he’s fine, what about the brave lady teacher who stood in the way of those beasts and the little angels only to be doused with petrol and set on fire, or the Principal who despite having the chance to escape preferred to stay in the school like a good Captain of a sinking ship that refuses to abandon his/her ship.

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