The “Softo” effect!

Those, living in Rawalpindi since last 30 years or less might recall a small shop selling Ice Cream in Saddar called as “Softo”. Well the shop and its owner has been there since my teens and is a favorite of any child living in Rawalpindi, including me, that is 🙂 And frankly there’s still a small child inside me that craves for Ice Cream any day specially if its stifling hot. So last Sunday while “She” shopped and I had nothing better to do than receive text messages each time the Card was swiped by “her”, got myself busy in looking at old/used books that still adorn the sidewalks on Sundays. Not much buying done except an old Urdu book. With time well past noon, the Sun smiled even more and the little kid in me begged for some Ice cream. His wish was deftly granted and lo I had this small cup, a Mango Strawberry flavor mix. Sat down myself on the pavement and started savoring the contents of this unobtrusive paper cup. Sure enough it was hot, there were urchins a lot more than usual, lots of traffic and suddenly the grey haired forty something was transformed in to a guiltless teenager enjoying the ice cream in the repressive heat.  Pretty soon nostalgia took over and the two score plus aged kid had a time he will not easily forget. Thank you “Softo” and keep selling those tasty cones and cups. Bless you!


The brave proletariat



The checklist was long and taxing, I knew the day ahead was not an easy one, not at least with the Mercury reaching 45 Celsius and the Sun making it more difficult for me. This was not that normal mid-summer Sunday one could spend at home in front of the PC or TV, off course with the air-conditioning on, incessantly. What was the “Loner” to do but to acquiesce to the “snuggler’s” uncompromising demands. We men are born tough! So with a bottle of water and some Lays the “Loner” was off, doing those chores, and slowly ticking off each one of those errands in the never ending  checklist.

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