Rifles… Are they male or female?

What the … ? I guess you must be wondering what this article is all about. I have been pondering on this issue since long, in fact much longer than I can remember and somehow I think my lamentations aren’t off the mark. They make sense to me, I am and able bodied and able minded male and hence I guess most of my reasoning and logic is fair. But before I begin let me say a few words about the motivation behind this rather risqué topic.

When I was young, I mean in my teens, ogling at girls was something that came naturally to me. And I practiced it more than anything, to ogle without the subject being aware was a pure pleasure. As age waned and the child in me turned in to a man, the single sense of sight no longer sufficed and all five senses were put to good use. My marriage certainly blew a death blow to all this. Now in the Middle Ages guns, rifles, air guns infatuate me more than anything else. And the presumption leads me to believe the fact that there are many things that a woman and a rifle have in common and hence rifles are FEMALE. I believe this logic makes a lot of sense. Believe me my lamentations aren’t unfounded, as soon you shall see. So what is it that leads me to believe that rifles are female and not male? Read on guys….


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