For the Love of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)




I really had to wear my thinking cap to write this one piece. It is an issue that has been hurting Muslims and people of other religions (those who realize how bad it is) all over the globe. In writing this I do not in anyway mean to write about why the Charlie Hebdo gang was put to sleep and by whom; and were the killers really those who they say they were or was it someone else as is being said? Well obviously everyone knows why they were killed even if the story is as they say it is. Post Charle Hebdo killings, leaders from as many as 40 countries descended upon France as walked hand in hand with some say up to 3 million people on the streets. That was quite a show of respect and solidarity with the victims. They (the demonstrators) condemned the killings, it was a strong message, one that gave way to reprisal by the same magazine by printing even more cartoons of the Prophet (PBUH). Funny thing is not one of them criticized the cartoonists for what they did. All in the name of freedom of speech!

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