My thoughts on the “Sahiwal Incident” and its aftermath

Last week, an anti terrorism court set free all six persons accused in the Sahiwal incident, an incident that shook Pakistan few months ago. Just to reiterate, few months ago,  four persons were shot dead near Sahiwal while they were traveling in their car along with kids. The killings, as stated by the Counter Terrorism Department was an operation against terrorists involved in the kidnapping of ex Prime Minster Yousaf Raza Gillani’s son and an American national. The supposedly terrorists were traveling with their family, that is wife and kids when they were shot and killed. In fact one of the teenage daughters of the family also got killed. Two kids somehow escaped the mayhem.

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Burqa, Bag Aur Bundooq!


women and handguns

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On Not shooting from the hips!

Should women in Pakistan (and elsewhere) own a handgun? Or maybe should I ask why should women in Pakistan (and elsewhere) not consider carrying, buying and learning to use a handgun or a firearm? Considering the current law and order situation, the ever present terrorist threat, the daily rape average stats (which keep on climbing), the inability of LEAs to curb crime, the working woman’s woes, eve-teasing, acid throwing, kidnapping, abductions, homicide, honor killings, stove burning cases, muggings in daylight and robberies I think the average Perveen needs to be armed to be able to defend herself, her family and most important her honor should a situation arise instead of just saying “Khuda ki waste mujhe chor do? Ghar mein maa behen nahin hain? Or Please mujhe jaaney do OR even Mein tumhare agay haath jorti hoon”

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And the macho drove on….


What does this picture tell you? Does it convey a contorted message? Is it a joke? A mockery of the non-existent respect for laws in our decrepit society? A bold show-off message to all, that I have been to the US? A message to the indifferent Police in our country? A blatant display of machismo? If at all to me this is reminiscent of a sick mind suffering in severity from inferiority complex.

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