Are the days of hammer fired pistols over?

After looking at the 2020/21 imports in Pakistan, I am talking pistols only, it seems striker fired pistols are “in” and hammer fired “out”. It seems like world over the trend of making striker fired pistols in catching up. Why is that? I am not sure, but the few I have seen are all going for strikers. Please see the few examples below…

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Imports 2020 update 2

Hello. Hope the going is good for you guys.  Some Chinese and Turkish pistols have arrived.  The prices are kind of crazy. I’m sharing few photos. These are Canik pistols. The shape has changed a lot. Also I have seen accessories like kydex holsters being added which is good. A changed shape is good for buyers as a lot of pistols are being copied in Peshawar and it is at times difficult to make out original from copy. Also included in some pistols is a threaded barrel. Detailed reviews will come later. Prices are like Rs. 180K for Canik.

Canik TP9 sub compact with threaded barrel.
Canik TP9 in desert tan.
See the kydex holster. Safe action trigger. Tactical rail. Striker fired. Also comes with safety.