How bitter gourd (Karela) juice cured pimples on my face

There are a few cures which perhaps go unexplored and hence undocumented in the medical world. That’s because these are largely local remedies practiced for ages by people world over. In our language all these cures are called as “totkas”. I was never a firm believer in “totkas” until recently.  I got a very bad pimple on my face, it got so big and infected that I was down with fever for three days. My left cheek was swollen and it hurt real bad. The doctor cut it open, drained the septic and gave me a pack full of (anti-biotics which I hate so much) and off course a quite inflated bill. A week later later I was my old self. But the week beyond that another equally large and menacing pimple appeared on my face, just two inches away from the last one. This time I wowed not to take anti-biotics and braved the discomfort, killing it with subtle doses of Polyfax.

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