Section 144, does the law support criminals only?

Section 144

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I have been getting feedback on posts written about the worsening law and order situation in Karachi and this has in-fact prompted me to write about the dreaded Section 144 and how it does or doesn’t support the common man. By common man I mean a law abiding citizen and not a mugger or a criminal. Before delving in to this subject it will be prudent to take a look at the Section 144 and what all it stands for.

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Street Crimes in Karachi–II (The illegal, weapons trade)

This is the second part of Street Crimes in Karachi which deals with the subject of free availability of weapons in Karachi. In the last part I wrote about the various types of Street Crimes. One has to understand that muggers, target killers, kidnappers and looters use different types of weapons, because of a number of reasons.

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Street Crimes in Karachi – I

Street Crime

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In the last two weeks, two men I knew, have lost their lives at hands of merciless muggers, in the “City of Lights” aka Karachi, . Both men were married, had kids and were in their late thirties, and sadly both got shot at close range after midnight, but at different places and different times and dates. It has saddened me to know that one of them was returning from a marriage ceremony and the other from shopping in Ramzan. The reason for this rather long premise is that I want to write about street crime in Karachi; in detail. I guess we are already very late in controlling this menace, and if some very urgent and stringent steps are not taken I fear a very serious consequences for everyone living in this city.

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A Mugging Experience – Some Useful Lessons

Being mugged is certainly not the best of experiences. I had mine and I survived it.Although I confess I lost my marbles during that ugly happening. I am physically fit, go to the gym regularly and know how to handle a gun, but I didn’t have one then and got mugged. World over the mugging phenomenon has been growing, and there isn’t a country that is safe. Muggers are lurkers who lie in wait of the right opportunity to strike at a target. The experienced muggers are swift, cold and ruthless, while the inexperienced ones are shaky and hence more dangerous. Since my mugging experience I have become more cautious. Here are a few tips that you might find useful when dealing with muggers.

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