How to get an MOI Arms License (Government Officials)

This post is describes the procedure for getting a Ministry of Interior, Arms license. Presently there is a ban for civilians, however Government officials can get license. There are different categories of the MOI arms license, example a new license, a duplicate, transfer or renewal case. All these are done using the same procedure but you will need to attach different documents for all of these.

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How to get a Ministry of Interior, Arms License in Pakistan


Sometime back the MoI in its magnanimity did a great favor to the citizens of this country by lifting the ban on arms licenses. The ban was actually imposed by the previous Government to control the worsening law and order situation in the country, which itself was deplorable as well a laughable thing to do. That is because the petty criminals, thugs and terrorists do need a license, it is in fact the law abiding citizens like you and me who need arms licenses to protect ourselves from the very same people. The philosophy was perhaps coined by a drunk or a stoned Minister sitting somewhere in a cozy bathtub. Off course the minister(s) with their coterie of Police wallahs to protect them have always been least concerned for you and me. One can write a separate post on this issue alone. Anyways getting back to the subject, the Ministry of Interior (MoI), Non Prohibited Bore license (NPB) as it is called is a much sought after arms license in Pakistan. This is because it can be used countrywide and also is NPB means one can purchase any NPB weapon on that license, it can be a pistol, shotgun or a bolt action/semi-auto rifle (in the non banned category). It is plastic card based license printed by NADRA and unlike the book based old licenses issued by the Provincial Governments once. Here’s how to get an MoI, NPB license in Pakistan.

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MOI License Modification (Change of Weapon) – A Saga


Getting a weapon license modified (for change of weapon) from the  Ministry of Interior (the infamous MOI) is no easy task, this I learned the hard way. A dear friend called me up and asked me to do it on his behalf, he sent me his old MOI license, with a request to change the weapon on it as he had recently bought a new shotgun. Frankly, I didn’t know where to take a start from. A few phone calls to the MOI (weapons section) told me this wasn’t going to be easy. In writing this I’ll be frank and honest, to the point of being impolite and brattish, in that I hope someone somewhere with enough brains, a little sense of humor and lots of patience minus the red tape and bureaucratic “babooism” in him will take a serious or half serious note of it, and so help out a larger populace who is wont to suffer from the present “computerized” and (in)efficient system that is present today.

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