Upside down, topsy turvy…that is


It was a beautiful day indeed but I was feeling very upset. I got up from my slumber and started looking for food. There was very little of it anywhere.  A little while later my brother, sister, mom and dad joined me. Some kids from the neighborhood also came along. We began to scour the surroundings for leftovers. I have lived in this neighborhood since my birth and love the place.  But the shortage of food always saddens me. Soon the people from different places would start arriving. They would go to see the Niagra Falls, some of them would take a ride on the boat called as “Maid of the Mist”. My grandfather told me that his grandfather told him, that the “Maid of the Mist” had never stopped since it began giving tours to people in 1846. I live in the adjoining park. It is lush green in summers but winters are horrible. Our community survives on the tourists left overs. It has been like this since ages.

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